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    Zero Punctuation: The Technomancer

    Well Jim, your audience is savvy enough as to not play the sort of games you partake with. It's quite the irony, you new zealander fuck. PD: That was all satire, specially the bit about people on the internet being savvy and what nonsense.
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    Zero Punctuation: Stardew Valley & Superhot

    I accidentally finished Super Hot while trying it. My tits flew off the love handles when HAL didn't let me skip a cutscene. Shit got old super fast.
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    Simon Pegg Is Co-Writing Star Trek 3

    Orci out, Pegg in. That is literally the best possible outcome this could have had, in terms of writing.
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    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Join Marvel (Comics) Universe in Variant Covers

    Oh my gaaahd! The Escapist's 90's retro, horrible, clunky image gallery gave me cancer!
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    Seriously America, you're getting bamboozled with your healthcare. And your healthcare debate, from an outsider's perspective, is monumentally absurd.
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    It's Hard Out There for a (Critic)

    I commend Bob on this pretty solid piece. It made me appreciate the critic's perspective; and it kept me engaged all through-out the monologue. Except for the punchline. The argument of "get to watch the best version possible of the movie" is valid and the whole point in understanding the...
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    Marvel's Gamora Comic Will Be "Mind-Bending Sci-Fi"

    Please, let it be so! Just like it was in Guardians 2008-2009!
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    Marvel to Partner The Avengers With Guardians of the Galaxy in Team-Up Book

    "feature writing from Brian Michael Bendis." NOPE. The man has ruined the comic already. Apart from the DnA run in 2008-2009, Guardians Of The Galaxy is unreadable. The new run is ridiculously bad. It has no respect for continuity, no grasp for the character's and has reduced it's scope from...
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    Star Wars Episode VII Title Announced

    Star Wars: Dawn of Force-tice Star Wars: Good Morning Force-nam Star Wars: A New Awakening Star Wars: Begin Again by Force I guess midichlorians have sleep cycles.
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    Poll: Help finalize the list of contenders for the Second Annual Reader's Choice Game of the Year

    Going through the list... they're all really mediocre, or not all that memorable. Certainly none stand out as unique or innovating. I can't pick two. From what I have installed and still play somewhat regularly, I'd say, in no particular order: GRID Autosport Ultra Street Fighter IV...
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    Studio Seeks Female Directors For Wonder Woman

    Step aboard the DCCU! There are no brakes and no seatbelts! Sign on the dotted line and good luck because we're about to ride this until it busts!
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    Death of Wolverine Review - Dead on Arrival

    Agreed. Completely underwhelming. Everything felt tacked-on and rushed. The fight with Sabertooth: "Kill him Sabertooth! Stop. Now go away please Sabertooth." And he goes away. The ending had a pointless fight with some dude no one cares about, and then an adamantium memorial. Cool art all...
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    Zero Punctuation: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Mordoooooor

    I've become a kung fu master at muting the intro until 0:16.55 when the music stops, without losing a single syllable.
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    5 Reasons Why Indie Darling Moon Makes Guys Cry

    Moon is an amazing movie. Europa Report is not. The documentary portions look jarringly fake and are horribly acted, and the plot is so obvious and by the numbers, I won't spoil anything, but let's just say that every space exploration sci fi movie cliche occurs and the movie ends in the most...
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    Mortal Kombat X Release Date, Goro Pre-Order DLC Revealed

    Goro should be in the game. Kintaro should've been the DLC.