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    Regimental Chess Is Chess, But With Six Boards And 372 Pieces

    Wow. Good thing it's virtual. I'd hate to try and lay this with a real chess board :) Looks like fun though. I'm still a bit iffy on the rules of who can move, and when. Oh also the first two links in the article don't seem to link anywhere.
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    Panamax Game Celebrates Anniversary of Panama Canal

    It sounds like a fun game, though I don't know if it's the kind of one you'd bring to parties :) Also now I have the Animaniacs stuck in my head <youtube=EGMBUzFyVl4>
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    Marvel Unlimited Drops Subscription For 15,000 Comics To 99 Cents

    What?! I just renewed a week ago. Drat! next month I'll pay the $69 for a year's sub. I find it really good value since there's a wealth of issues to read whenever. I've just read the 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy series. It works like Netflix sure there isn't EVERYTHING, and there's a mix of...
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    Escape to the Movies: Son of God

    The thing I don't get is if you want to go see this movie then why not just buy "The Bible" series on DVD? It costs around, or less, than two movie tickets, and you get what you'll see on the big screen AND MORE. Plus it's yours to keep. I could get if they just showed the mini series in...
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    Pachter: Disc-Free Xbox One Would Be "Dumb Dumb Dumb"

    You know I now believe the rumours even more. I mean considering what Microsoft has done with the XBox One "Dumb, dumb, dumb" sums it up pretty well actually.
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    Games Workshop is Dead! Long Live Games Workshop!

    I stopped collecting the miniatures years back. It was, as has been stated, far too expensive in time and money. I kept buying and reading the novels though,a but I've even given up on those since it seems like there's a new one out every week, and there's no way I can keep up.
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    Escapist Podcast: 123: Steam Early Access & Xbox One Youtube Promotion

    I don't know if it's just me, but has the audio quality dropped in these past two episodes? I don't know the technical term, but there is more buzz when people talk. Like it's been over compressed. Has something changed in the recording/uploading pipeline?
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    Escapist Podcast: 121: Game of the Year & Steam Machines

    Man this podcast sure has bad luck with audio issues. At least it's not as bad as the time when the podcast was just a 1 1/2 hour loop of talking about Smurfs. That went from confusing to funny to annoying to creepy :D
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    Five Entertainment Reforms Millenials Should Be Fighting For

    That's a good list. Particularly the last one. I definitely agree that the world of region locking and delayed releases needs to be dealt with. I was a hair's bredth away from buying my boyfriend (who lives in the US, but was in the UK with me for Christmas) a Nintendo 3DS and a bunch of...
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    3DS Region Lock Disabled by Hackers

    I sure hope Nintendo gets rid of that region lock. It's just such a pain. I was THIS close to buying my boyfriend a 3DS XL for Christmas when he came to visit from the US, but on the day I was going to pick it up (I'd even reserved one) I found out they're region locked so he couldn't buy any...
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    Poll: "Marriage" key in "Gay Marriage"?

    Were I forced to choose I'd say the rights are the most important part as it is what proves the most impactful part, but it should be equal in both title and law. There is no reason at all to have different rules for different people. It's discriminatory, and wasteful.
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    The Night Of The Doctor Prequel Mini Episode Brings Back A Warrior

    Wow. Sure I'd have loved to see him in the 50th Anniversary episode proper, but this is just amazing! I haven't listened to all the 8th Doctor Dramas. Which part does it canonise? I also was a bit miffed that he wasn't wearing either his TV movie outfit, or the new blue one in the audio...
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    Just Cause Dev Doesn't See a Future For Call of Duty

    I don't know. By all rights Madden and FIFA should be Free to Play with updates every so often for new players, and stadiums, but enough people buy the full boxed release that there's no reason not to make it. If they're doing really well as it is there's not much incentive to completely...
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    Sony Unveils PlayStation 4 Launch Title Lineup

    Pinball Arcade?! Awesome. Now I can play Star Trek: TNG pinball on a £350 console! There's nothing much on there that really sells me on a PS4 that I can't get elsewhere. If i do get a new console it'll likely be later down the line.
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    Escapist Podcast: 114: Ellen Page and Day One: Garry's Incident

    I guess this must be the spooky Halloween edition since all I get is a loop of people disjointedly talking about smurfs for an hour. Either the feed is messed up, or I'm having an acid flashback.