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    NATO, Taliban Go To War On Twitter

    Hahahahaha! Oh this is just funny. I can just see a history textbook in 2084 saying "In 2011 the war in Afghanistan spread to twitter, all fighting soon stopped and guns were replaced with smartphones."
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    Minecraft Middle-Earth Will Melt Your Mind

    Holy block based entertainment Batman! That's both the most awesome and at the same time the most perturbing thing I've seen in a while.
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    Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Videogames

    It's times like this that remind me not all Americans are backwater bible bashers who want to ban all forms of entertainment more graphic than a trashy by-the-numbers sitcom. It makes me feel glad.
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    Best quote from a game?

    My favourite has to be from Infamous 2, the mission where you and Zeke are trying to move the nuke to the docks: "Stop shooting the thermonuclear missile ya dumb hicks!"
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    Teacher Cancels Class Because of Portal 2 Launch

    I think the teacher just cancelled class so he could go and play Portal 2 as well, something like: "Wow, everyone's calling in sick on the day Portal 2 came out, I wish I could play Portal 2... *realisation* Hey wait! Everybody! Class is canceled!"
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    So I Did A Little Research On Black Ops...

    not to bothered, just so long as i can have fun with it then they could throw in handheld cannons that shoot lazer beams and i wouldn't care. Never been one for historical accuracy.
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    Ever Fallen In Love With A Game You Thought You Couldn't Be Arsed With?

    Assasin's creed. Put it into the PS3 thinking "can't hurt to see what it's all about" and now I can't wait for brotherhood to hurry up and be out already.
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    HIstorical events you would like to see in Video games

    I'd like to see a game that covers some kind of "the history of warfare" kind of thing. It goes from hunting and killing animals and other tribes of people in the African sahvana to shooting people with super advanced SPACE GUNS. As for specific events (I'm not terribly sure what order these...
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    "Holy [email protected]&%, did I just do that?"

    I've got a few: MW2 The enemy had called in harriers and the jet parked itself in the sky, so I came out of my building and got my stinger out, while i was doing that another enemy had called in harriers and as the second jet was flying through the first my stinger rocket hit both of them and...
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    Escape to the Movies: Devil

    Really? Now that's the kind of character that could make an interessting bible-themed story. Sort of like the Book of Eli but without the forgone conclusion.
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    Valve: Xbox Live Rules are a "Train Wreck"

    I was going to make a similar point to Mr. Silver Patriots here but his summerises my point adequatly.
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    Valve: Xbox Live Rules are a "Train Wreck"

    Microsoft? work out issues? really? the company that had to be forced to back away from becoming a monopoly? yeah never gonna happen, moving on..... OT: I think that microsoft needs to change it's rules, If valve want to give out free updates then they should be allowed to, that's about it.
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    Jack Thompson Vows to Stop Medal of Honor

    this guy still exists? WOW, he's still just as much of a douche.
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    What are the weirdest/Funniest lines you heard in video games?

    "Vould you like a second opinion! You are also ugly!!" cookie for those who get where that's from.
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    Poll: When you think Team Fortress, you think of?

    fun :) but mostly sniper cause of those bloody hats....