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    Poll: Fellow Oldscapists!

    I'm mostly just around for Miracle of Sound and Loading Ready Run these days. Got banned for a while, though. That was pretty fun.
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    Google Your name + The Hedgehog = pic?

    Unfortunately, ThePoodonkis the Hedgehog yielded nothing of interest except for some old-timey people with impressive moustaches. But Chris the Hedgehog. it'll do, I suppose.
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    Praise a game you don't like

    I did enjoy the weapon/armour stacking system of Two Worlds. And the environments were pretty diverse.
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    I need new bands

    Tool [], Rishloo [], Fair to Midland [], Serj Tankian [], Mayan Factor [], Rush...
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    Perfiction: A Tale of Love, Woe, Sex, and Royal Pride

    Excellent, as always, my friend. You never fail to impress this dromiceiomimus.
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    I'll just leave this here.
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    Find fellow escapists near you...!

    I didn't know we had a stereotype. But there are a lot of awesome folks here. I only know of like one or two people from my graduating class going to Ole Miss, though.
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    Find fellow escapists near you...!

    No kidding? I go to Mississippi State! :D
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    3 pound lobster? How's THAT for a going-away dinner

    Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Jalapeno sandwich. It was an...interesting taste, but I will never ever do that again.
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    Truly Failed Advertising

    This. Just, this.
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    Do you have gamer claw when your hand rests on the keyboard?

    I keep my left hand on the A, S, R, and G keys.
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    Poll: soooooo does anyone else get this?

    Great Gig in the Sky by Pink Floyd. I've heard that song dozens of times, and it gives me shivers every time it plays.
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    Thanks for sterotyping.

    Could be worse. I mean, anyone remember the CSI: Miami episode "Urban Hellraisers"? Long story short, college kids replicated a violent video game and killed a bunch of people.
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    Favorite PRINT comic.

    Calvin & Hobbes. Every day, always, all the time Calvin & Hobbes.
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    Aqua & Shap's Game of Life - [Closed - Started!]

    "Myerg...Заткнись, ты. Мне нужно, чтобы спать. (Shut up, you. I need to sleep)" Kiska growled, throwing a pillow at the...