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    Super Mario Run Pre-Registration Now Available for Android

    Too late, it has had it's week in the sun.
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    Overwatch Season 1 Ends August 17

    If I am in top 500 now but not at the end do I still get my extra icon and spray?
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    Microsoft wants to kill PC gaming

    UWP is going to make it way way easier for indie devs to get onto xbox. Honestly the fuss is silly. Windows will remain a platform you can run apps that aren't from the store on. They are just trying to make their store better and making windows a more generic platform.
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    Ask a Physicist!

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    Ask a Physicist!

    why does dark travel faster than light?
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    Gamers Only 20 Percent of Games Workshop's Customers

    Personally I think everyone is missing the point. Clearly they make money franchising their product out. Think about just how many warhammer related games there are (some of which are pretty popular). It is easy to see that being a good stream of income. There are likely a few other similar...
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    What is the cause of First Season Sci-fi Syndrome?

    Shows do tend to get better if they were popular but I think it is a bit extreme to call some of those first seasons garbage. I think defiance, farscape and lexx all had good first seasons. Torchwood was excellent at first (and probably never really got back to that level). But generally what...
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    Facebook Buys The Escapist for $90 Million - Update

    You should of done one which was at least believable!
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    Update: Flappy Bird Creator Is Removing The Game From Stores

    It isn't ripped off, doubt his taking it down and it is a pretty fun game. His other 2 games are doing pretty well too.
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    Nintendo and dropping the WiiU

    putting out a new console in a few years when ps and xbox can't react quickly is exactly what made the wii a success. I believe the same thing could be a good move. The wiiU was hurt by the everyone waiting for the new gen and the wiiU being viewed as an expansion rather than a new console.
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    Recommend me some point-and-click adventure games!

    For the classic ones I totally recommend the space quest series, although I might start at the ones where it became point and click.
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    Australia's FIFA 14 Ad Contains No Actual Soccer

    Poor Timmy looks so uncomfortable!
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    Why oh why haven't game-creators done this yet?

    A really fresh take on chess. It is such a popular turn based game there must be some ways to improve it while keeping to a turn based system.
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    The last UMD game ever?*

    whats a umd?
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    Are my fears of Dota well founded?

    I have a similar fear, more that I am sure I won't be up with the strategy and will be terrible! I guess you just have to give it a go and see what happens.