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    Dick Souls

    Surprise comic? That is true though. Everything is essy and done wrong by everyone, but the person in question.
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    Goosebumps: The Game Gets a Release Date

    I didn't know about this....sadly I expected Escape from Horrorland when I clicked the link. For some reason I thought that was getting re-relaesed.
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    Enhanced Dragon Quest VIII Coming to 3DS

    Yes, please release this in Europe. DQ8 is my favourite DQ game, replayed it so many times and did the dragon dungeon which was a ***** to do. Crossing fingers!
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    Outlaws - Where Are You Marshal?

    I played this game a lot, the music and the cutscenes are so good. The whole game is just cool, love the ending cutscene. I think the levels I pretty much always skipped were The Sawmill, The Mines and The Caves, and I only beat the sawmill legitimately later on, of those levels. It was...
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    Suddenly, Skeletons

    Skellingtons make everything better indeed! I need to add to the spooky scary skeletons counter. ;) OT: Comic was funny too. :p CAPTCHA: Rise and Shine, well then.
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    BioWare Chooses You For New Horror Title: See Nightmare Here

    You can romance the different old gods and high priests, looking forward to romancing Nyarlathotep, Hastur or Cthugah! We'll see how they'll deal with the horror genre then, if you have any means to defend yourself, or just another, keep running and don't look back thing. :p
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    Ratchet & Clank Trilogy Coming to Vita in US Tomorrow

    Not pre-ordering this collection after the Jak and Daxter one, was a horrible vita port. I'll wait and see the review.
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    Zelda's Bolero of Fire Heads to the Desert in New Music Video

    Yesss, Bolero of Fire is my favourite tune from Ocarine of Time. Just sploosh!
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    Check Out The UK Version Of Captain America 2's To-Do List

    Watched it last night, in Norway, and the list here was the american since it had I love Lucy on it. Neat little thing to do I guess. :p
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    Dogecoin Fundraiser Sends Jamaican Bobsled Team To Sochi

    This is both funny and sad. Funny with the whole Jamaican bobsled thing, and sad that John Candy couldn't witness it.
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    The Atlus announcement on sunday

    Persona 5/Persona 4 Golden 2 or whatever they wanna go with it. Super excited. Do want more of P4G cast. Only thing I know I want for certain, is the announcement done by Tanaka...since it's Sunday!
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    Hearthstone : TCG

    I really like Hearthstone, got into beta few weeks ago. Played some pvp matches, though reluctant too do so in lenght, mostly cause the whole: "Shit man, gonna get owned, not a good deck etc." Gone both ways so far, won some, lost some. Played some Arena, and idk, I seem to get shitty picks...
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    The Wolf Among Us Review - Episodic Elegance

    Checking the store page I don't think it has cloud saving so won't transfer the save over. OT: I really like the first episode, do hope second and onward are just as good or better.
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    Your top 6 pokemon

    My six favourites that aren't legendary. :p Pangoro Blaziken Tyranitar Charizard Delphox Tyrantrum
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    Off The Top Of My Head

    I think, the only clothing I want in X/Y is the Pangoro hat I've seen on some people. >.< There really should be a store that only sells pokemon hats in there. xD