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    The association for fair treatment of eldritch abominations.

    I agree! Just because my physical form exists beyond the veil of time and space doesn't mean that my astral projection shouldn't be allowed in restaurants! They always say "Well you don't even really exist on this plane. Why would you need to eat?". Even if that's completely true and even if I...
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    Poll: (TLAB:LOK Discussion) Do the Equalists have a point?

    Don't listen entirely to the OP. He's ridiculously biased and doesn't have his facts straight. Allow me to straighten some of them for you. First off I'd like to note that the "special" people actually make up a sizable portion of the population. They aren't a majority, but it's not like...
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    Does Dark = Good?

    Well don't you know? True art is angsty. [] How could it possible be good if it's not dark?
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    MovieBob's thoughts on the ME3 ending controversy

    Because literature was taken back decades when Arthur Doyle brought Sherlock Holmes back to life after an uproar by the fans. The same happened to movies when Blade Runner was re-released as the director's cut version. This is all a simple matter of retconning, which is something that an avid...
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    Why is Kaiden Alenko so popular?

    I killed Kaiden in the first game. The man was pretty much Carth with force powers. Some days I regret that decision. Sometimes I wish I had left Ash on Virmire. It was a tough call.
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    Please Stop with ME3

    *sigh* Because things have to be sad in order to be good. The problem was never that the ending was sad, although I personally would have preferred a happy ending. The problem was that the endings made all previous decisions...
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    Poll: The Warrior, the Wizard and the Thief

    I do like to play as a rogue, but I have a lot more fun being a white mage. Knowing that you're the only reason that everyone is still alive is quite gratifying in my opinion.
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    You are DragonBorn (In Modern Times)

    I'd solve all of the world's problems. Drought? STRUN BAH QO! Hurricane/tornado/blizzard? LOK VAH KOOR! Stampede? KAAN DREM OV! Dangerous armed criminals? ZUN HAAL VIK! (Followed by YOL TOOR SHOL or FO KRAH DIIN for good measure) Oncoming army? FAAS RU MAR!
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    What's your Skyrim Character's background?

    Me? I am Captain Elsweyr. I am kind of like the Captain America for Khajiits. I started life as a nomad like many of my people. One day my tribe came upon a city. We asked for shelter and food and offered to pay for both, but the guards rejected us. We camped outside the city for the night...
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    More Half-Life 3 Proof

    No! Don't get your hopes up. They shall only be dashed as painfully as before. Spare yourself now before you board a doomed hype train!
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    Poll: What are your thoughts on Halo 4?

    It's an abomination, but I'm going to let it pan out and see what happens. Maybe 343 will be able to make this not a petty attempt to revive the series. Halo was awesome, but damn man sometimes you have to let an old horse die in peace. Personally I'm hoping that 343 will work their asses off...
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    Poll: Would you try heroin if it were legal?

    I avoid any and all addictive substances. Why would one want to surrender control like that? I just don't get it. Plus it doesn't help that there's almost always something better you could be spending your money on. Even if there isn't, you could be saving the money. Isn't it better to thank...
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    TV: In particular...Cartoons: What has changed?

    Nickelodeon sucks for the most part. The majority of it is live action (read as: shit) or at least was when I stopped watching it. Someone can correct me if there actually is something good at this point on the main Nickelodeon channel. If you have anything bigger than basic cable you're...
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    Poll: Should sniper rifles be able to kill people in one bodyshot.

    Yes in some cases. It should only be possible, however, with a high caliber rifle. Let's face it, if you get hit pretty much anywhere with a .50 cal bullet, you're down. You could balance it with extremely high recoil and very high weight. Sure you could be one-shotting guys, but you'll be a lot...
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    So Halo 4 is actually looking pretty damn good

    We'll see how this plays out. I may be a halo fan, but I'm still a bit skeptical about this. I'll reserve any real opinion for when gameplay videos are shown.