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    Mass Effect: Andromeda Loses Senior Development Director

    I dont get it, most of this article was about the me3 ending. (it wasnt as bad as people remember, i thought it was good.) Can't you let it go already?
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    Fast and Furious 6 Gets UK Movie Pirate 33 Month Jail Term

    This story must be fake or FACT must have made some of the chages up, so they would have something to stand by as i cannot see how anybody would buy or even sell a cam version of fast and furious...
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    5 Ways J.J. Abrams Could Ruin Star Wars

    Poor guy, must be hard making a movie that you know people will hate because it's not the original and hating it is somehow a cool thing to do.
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    BioWare Launches Survey to Help Direct Mass Effect 4

    ME3 was awesome, so were the endings. Can't wait for the next one :)
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    Jimquisition: Air Control - A Steam Abuse Story

    I can see this is one of those "it doesn't say anywhere that the coffee is hot - give me all your money." situations.
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    Cigarettes should be illegal.

    If you really think that way, than dissaprove of the capitalyst system and do it for a couple of years, then report to us and tell us about your healthy, active, intelligent and productive life style... oh wait
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    So , i'm going to try to quit smoking today , any advice?

    First just dont smoke, than distrack your self with games, and then after a week or so when you'll most want it chew gum instead of smoking.
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    Poll: Skyrim: The Armour complaint.

    it just went downhill from morrowind.
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    Oblivion is impossible!

    Go do some sidequests and when your stronger go for the mainquest...
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    Australia's Internet Filter Switches On In July

    i bet they'll block like one or two 'child abuse' websites and hundreds of pirate sites :D
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    Iwata Swears Nintendo Isn't Copying Apple's iPad

    wait... is this an add for apple, or is the iBrainwash machine finally working at 100% ?
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    Poll: How important is 100% completion to you?

    depeends on the game :)
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    Metro 2033 Sequel (Updated) Metro: Red Light

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    Poll: Duke Nukem - Why?

    So... you made a new account today, just so you can rage about this? lol