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    Space Marine "Rips Off" Gears of War

    The developers actually consciously chose to remove a cover option because they wanted to force players to get into the nitty-gritty of battle. This is the key reason why I think this game ISN'T a gears clone. Sure, all the other elements may be present, but a game set in the WH40k universe...
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    265: The Fallacy of the Fanboy

    True, though there are many out there who believe that video games are ready to be (if not already) accepted as a valid artistic medium. It's not just about a "hobby", but about a future of expression and discourse through a new and engaging form. I for one think Interactive Media has a bright...
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    The Escapist Presents: Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Chances are the sith/jedi will be downplayed a bit and made into melee/caster hybrids, ala shaman or paladins from WoW, with weaknesses that other players will be able to exploit. Even the Jedi were not the be-all end-all power of the star wars universe. Episode three proved that. Personally I...
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    Mario Joins NASCAR

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    Curious about common phrases?

    The phrase comes from old advertisements from the 1920s about Sliced bread being "the greatest innovation since bread was wrapped". So that means prior to 1920 people were saying "-best thing since wrapped bread?"
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    "My Four Year Old Son Plays Grand Theft Auto" and other family stories...

    That kid made me smile and put a tear in my eye. If there are more kids like him, then gamers are gonna be just fine years from now.
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    Curious about common phrases?

    Huh... neat. I should have known that, seeing how I'm at an art college and all...
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    Curious about common phrases?

    I was thinking to myself: where do we get the phrase "15 minutes of fame"? I understand its about the fleeting nature of public favor or something, but does it come from a specific source? Is there a wild statistic that it stems from? Is there a book or something that coined it? Any of you...
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    Kim Kardashian as Lara Croft?

    Too true. At first I thought I would find this infuriating, but then I thought "Wait, the tomb raider movies sucked!", and I decided to simply stand aside and let another vapid airhead have an equally vapid film franchise. Frankly, even with Angeline Jolie the Tomb Raiders movies were nothing...
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    What games/enemies scared you as a kid?

    The Skulltulas from Ocarina of Time always frightened me. I'm arachnophobic and they have an annoying tendency to drop from seemingly nowhere. They got even worse in Twilight Princess... Also, anyone else find the sixth house from Morrowind rather creepy? Apart from being among the strongest...
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    Australian Bishop Stands Against R18+ Rating

    I'm catholic and even I think this is a crock. When will these morons learn? Correlation is not causation. There's no commandment that says we can't play or view violent media, in fact some of the most violent and egregious content imaginable can be found in the bible itself! Leviticus gives...
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    Michael Atkinson Clamps Down on Defamatory Comments (especially if they're directed at him)

    Atkinson is to Video game legality what Uwe Boll is to video game movies. Seriously, where do these guys come from?!
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    Best International Movies

    Does Nightwatch/Daywatch count?
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    Ask a detective/undercover cop

    How often do you work with other departments like ATF or the FBI? There are a lot of shows like Law and Order where the FBI comes in and they take over everything under a weird pretext of secrecy, often forcing the main characters to step aside or even drop the case entirely. I've always been a...
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    Poll: Game tattoo's: your opinion?

    In my opinion, the coolest video-game related tattoos come from the game "Planescape: Torment". A particular favorite is the titular "Torment" sigil. (when I figure out how to post pictures I'll put a pic of it up)