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    Tribes Ascend Released

    I played the beta of this game and I must say that it is very entertaining as well as challenging, it offers a different gameplay style to most shooters at this current date and alongside that, you gotta go fast. So, without a doubt, the title gets a thumbs up from me, and I will enjoy playing it.
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    Favorite videogame one liner.

    Personally, I've got to say it is when R110 develops a personality in TimeSplitters: Future perfect and starts shouting obscurities at his fellow mechanical counterparts whom he would like to feed his laser to. Things along the line of "Eat my laser, eat it."
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    Quotes out of context.

    That reminds me, there was a piece of software that I had that taught you how to play bass, the voice would say the name of the song that was preset on the Cd in a very monotonous voice saying: Here is [song name]. There were some pretty interesting songs preset to go with it, like "the...
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    Quotes out of context.

    Something along the lines of ''Looks like you broke your wand.'' Good ol' happy potter.
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    Your profession?

    I'm Unemployed an artist. ..So..yeah.
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    A is for...

    Shy Entailed Venerable (Somewhat.) Envisional Null Tranquil Humorless. Sums it up nicely.
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    Virus remover?

    Try Avast, Run your computer in safemode while doing so.
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    Poll: Problems With Anime?

    I dislike it when people copy things from an Anime, or things like that. I dislike series types of anime since much of it tends to be filler and idle conversations. (A non anime related example) Imagine your favourite webcomic with one page released in a week; where you're expecting something...
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    Poll: IGN is dead to me

    I think the OP has a valid point and I can see why they have a little frustration towards it. But I'm afraid your post has made no useful contributions but instead a straight up insult. Anyway, swiftly moving on. I don't go to sites such as IGN for game ratings or things of such...
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    Epic Metal thread needs more Epic Metal!

    There you go. Up the Irons, 'spose.
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    Poll: Do You Use the Word "Gay" as an Insult?

    Nope. I have a nasty, nasty habit of saying 'Nazi' instead. I've been trying to get over that for years. I'll fix it eventually.
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    I've never been angry at any game ever. It's just not like me.
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    Gah, sorry about the doublepost, apparently I quoted myself.
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    There is a variation of the sword which people refer to as a ninja sword. It was a straight sword with teeth, and was able to store things in the hollow handle. It would be used as an aid to climb walls as well as being a combat tool. On another topic here, I don't see people refer to the...
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    CONFESSION TIME (reveal your most unpopular tastes)

    I think Valve are right about their marketing techniques.