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    Cliff Bleszinski Labels Notch a "Pouty Kid" - Updated

    I hate agreeing with CliffyB, because he's obnoxious, and calling out Notch is as lame as Notch's actions. However, he's right. Kickstarter isn't an investment firm, all the donors received their "rewards," and I OR will probably benefit from this move.
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    Beating Skyrim

    I stopped playing when I realized that there's no good way to spend your money if you have a lot of it.
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    EA to gets rights to Star Wars games

    Battlefront 3 by DICE. It wont happen but it should.
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    Where were the Avengers/SHIELD in Iron Man 3?

    THOR - Asgard Hulk - Hiding, working. Captain America - Probably in Iran or something doing military stuff. SHIELD - I can honestly say that I can imagine Samuel Jackson saying "Tony's got this covered."
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    Feed Dump: Sausage Cozies

    OK, the creepy red head dude who I think is named Andy, needs to be on more often. Because he's awesome.
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    Rumor: PopCap Quietly Undergoing Layoffs

    Popcap isn't going out of business, but I imagined they were doing fantastic. Whatever they're doing it sucks for these guys losing their job.
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    Kiefer Sutherland Makes Dynamite Cupcakes

    Funny commercial, but it was PAINFUL reading the article which explains the joke in fine detail for those of soccer moms on the video games news/humor website who didn't get the joke.
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    Google Unveils Internet Service 100 Times Faster Than Broadband

    I get out of the Navy in 8 years, you have 8 years Google!
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    LoadingReadyRun: Jonny Four

    Not a bad piece of acting at all, nice one Graham.
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    Military Scientists Unveil Sound-Powered Fire Extinguisher

    I'm off to basic training for the U.S. Navy in September as part of the Nuclear Community. This is HUGE if they can get this into submarines.
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    50 Americanisms That Brits Apparently Hate

    We have a large body of water separating us, QED, we have some cultural differences. Get over it. I don't mind when Brits say "rubbish" or "loo" instead of "garbage" or "restroom."
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    Netflix App on 3DS: It Really Works!

    It always tickles me that the Escapist "bunker" is in Durham. NCFTW!
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    The escapist is mentioned in a Penny Arcade comic

    I don't get why people don't think it's funny.
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    Jimquisition: Videogames Are Not Movies, Get Over It

    This is the WORST thing I have ever watched in my two years as a member here. This guy does come off as intelligent OR funny, so why would I want to watch a plain douchebag rant on about something we all agree about for 5 minutes? Give him the axe escapist.