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    The Big Picture: Batman Revisited, Part 3

    Batnipples? It's gotta be the batnipples...
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard Review

    Yeah, this is by far the biggest problem I have with Skyrim. The environments are gorgeous, and exploring is truly fun, but it all doesn't matter in the end. Sure, the dungeons are infinitely better than Oblivion's, and likewise the story missions are a bit more involved than "go there, fetch...
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    Elder Scrolls Online Screenshots Fail To Impress

    Indeed. Ask a group of people to identify the game from which this screenshot was taken. I'll wager you will not get a consistent answer. This is the big problem I see here; the sodding thing is so bland that it could be ANY game. I wouldn't mind low quality graphics so much, but the blandness...
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    Game of Thrones Characters Compared to U.S. Political Figures

    Oh wow, you literally (and I do mean the correct usage) had me rolling on the floor and laughing. Well done, Sir/Ma'am, my neighbors now resent me.
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    Silent Hill HD Collection Miffs Series Art Director

    That looks awful! The sharp borders are particularly ugly, and the fog seems to be little more than a backdrop. I know there's more to SH2 (being the wretched fanboy that I am) than the fog, but it looks like a good chunk of the atmosphere has gone the way of some old wallet.
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    The Big Picture: Not Okay

    Thank you, Bob. This may be your best episode to date, and I agree wholeheartedly with you!
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    Laugh at the Minecraft 1.2 Features Released Today

    This thing is buggy as all hell. It crashed five times on me now. A bit distressing...
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    Unskippable: Cursed Crusade the "cursed" bit of the title actually relevant to the plot? Otherwise it would seem like a rather dull hacky-slashy thing set in a moderately original setting.
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    Vita Sales Get Even Worse

    So, this thing is supposed to cost me 250? in the non-fancy-3G version. Alright, I could live with that (and by that I mean I would have to subsist on ramen for half a year or so), but what incentive do I have to buy it upon its eventual release. Any good games? Backwards compatibility? Amazing...
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    Zero Punctuation: Top 5 of 2011

    No mention of Deus Ex? Shame, it was really good. I'm also surprised he didn't mention Minecraft under his top games either, since the review was thoroughly positive.
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    The Big Picture: MovieBob's Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

    The next Silent Hill movie is also supposed to be released this year. For some reason I actually find myself interested in it. Not that it would be a faithful adaptation of SH3, or anything, just that I'd love to see if there is any hope for the series on the big screen.
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    what is your favorite game of all time?

    I like lots of games, but I love only a handful. The best ones are Deus Ex 1 and HR (stupid forced boss fights notwithstanding) for their stories and free gameplay, and Silent Hill 2. The best one of those is by far SH2. No game I have ever played has managed to create a better atmosphere, and...
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    Steam Winter Sale grand total

    Deus Ex: HR ?33 (a few days before it was fully on sale >_>) GTA IV complete edition ?8.75 I continue to enjoy the hell out of my second HR run, despite the retarded boss fights, but even at that low price GTA IV was a waste of money. A truly awful game... EDIT: Anybody want a 50% off...
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    Lawyer Destroys Arguments for Game Piracy

    I content that both pro- and anti-piracy arguments are flawed, but the "piracy=lost profit" annoys me the most. No, it doesn't. A sale would be made if I were to buy something, a sale is not made if I do not buy something. A "lost" sale would be me deciding against buying something over a...
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    First thoughts when you hear germany?

    It's pickled cabbage (sour cabbage). After it is taken out of the container, it is cooked up with an apple and an onion, though those are not eaten. The sour taste comes from the pickling liquid. Yeah...we sure do love that kraut stuff. There's rotkohl, blaukraut (actually the same cabbage...