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    Comic Crossover Delight: X-Files vs. 30 Days of Night

    I probably won't pick this up at my next comic book stop, dosn't really appeal to me, not the subject matter, mostly just the cross-over idea, the only one I've ever enjoyed is Cyber-force hunter killer, which, being of such similar subject matter, is hardly a crossover, seems almost natural...
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    Character blocked

    Only when I dream my Friend, only in my Dreams.
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    Modern Warfare 2 PS3 Leaderboards Hacked to Crap

    Its amazing just how much flak the PS3 is catching from Modern Warfare Two, this might just be my memory, but I don't recall any problems before the game, heck it was pretty good, but that seems to be in the past. -This-is-Hip-Hop
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    Character blocked

    Talim from Soul Caliber, mostly because its the only character in which that I memorized the combos for, and what said combos did. -This-is-Hip-Hop
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    I have been called just about all imaginable Black Slurs, besides the most obvious one, this phenomenom says two things about Playstation Network. one being that they are a bunch of hypocritical 'Non-Racist because I don't say THAT word' and two, they have a bit of creativity in them...
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    Poll: Outsmarting Teacher

    Though my first reaction was to remain humble in a braggorts topic-but alas im fairly certain I can come up with a better lesson plan for Aspiring Culinary Students then 'Write a 1,200 word essay in First Person, about a contemporary Chef'. I don't mind the writing about a chef part-its just the...
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    Favorite Brutal Legend moment/line

    I always found the most hilarious part of the game is during one of the first missions, Essentially it occurs during a tutorial for troop managment. Eddie through this mission gives some of the most hilarious dialouge I have heard in a video game. "Alright, i'm going to turn around now, and...
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    Poll: Would you be offended by this GT

    I find this to be overwhelmingly ironic, Jesus did die, Yes he died for the sins of humaity, so therefore, why is it a negative thing to broadcast it while playing a game? Granted the 'LoL' part of the tag isn't necesairly offensive, just kinda awkward. On top of that, I can sympathize with him...
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    Review: Brutal Legend

    Regardless of my predispotion towards metal, this will still make it onto my game shelf. Fore the sole reason of a guitar riff bringing lightning down to the earth. It really makes me wonder how this was not already done before. Though in honesty this makes me rather sad, for it will be a dark...
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    Resident crazy lady

    Well, I do have a crazy old lady, and shes married to a crazy old man, how are these two crazy? Well every morning when im walking to school, they come outside, just to watch me walk by their house, not to say hi, not to wave a friendly greeting, just to make sure I walk by and do not touch...
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    A great song? Discuss: Aqua Teen Hunger Force More Awesome Song-MF Doom, same Ideal awesomely enough, I don't remeber many specfic clips, mostly because of the time it came on. (When im tired, I stop really thinking) But Meatwad has always had a special place in my heart, as 'Characters I relate...
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    Team Fortress 2: The (Fake?) Engineer Update

    The Writing style dosn't quite fit with any other patch pages that Valve has realeased, it seems too straightforward, for instance, in the spy update, Valve had roughly seven other items on a 'Purchase Form' that were not updates, this has no such distractions, oddly straightforward, so im going...
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    Review: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

    Im probably going to buy this, I really enjoyed the first Ultimate Alliance, and this seems to just be building on that winning formula, by the way, is it still for all consoles, or did it become an exclusive? -This-is-Hip-Hop
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    what do you think are the forums on the interwebzz

    I have posted on this Forum, and later of the two was quite the crying fest. It was almost unnerving how much they hated the fiction they were writing for, made me wonder if they had a certain degree of Masochism in their blood. We have complainers here at the Escapist as...
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    WALL-E Writers Win Humanitas Award

    Honestly though, animated movies have more important messages then any other type of genre, aside from indie, I mean take Shrek for instance, 'Love dosn't need Looks' or Monsters Vs. Aliens, which has the all too common 'Believe in Yourself' Motif. Heres the question though, Aside from the...