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    A Shootout For One

    I agree with you, but I don't think games should be tailored to commercial success.
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    Steam's new project - Greenlight

    So what's preventing one developer from creating a bunch of Steam accounts to downvote their competitors and upvote their own game? And isn't this sort of making games even more of a popularity contest?
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    Hindus Ask PAX To Drop Smite

    I agree with you. All characters from every medium (books, paintings, films, video games, music, etc) should all be treated with respect and care. The creators should create their work with an understanding of what it is they're making and the meaning behind their creation. But did you really...
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    Hindus Ask PAX To Drop Smite

    I don't agree with that argument. Criticism should always be welcomed. Everybody has the right to offer their perspectives. While I may disagree with the critics request, I'm glad that they brought it up. I do agree that what Smite seems to be doing is insensitive and without much care. It seems...
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    No More Heroes Review

    There?s a moment when playing this game that the player will suddenly get what this game is besides the obvious discovery that it is self-aware. No More Heroes is more than just a satirized awareness of regurgitating video game cliches like the Matt Hazard franchise. Instead, the magicians at...
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    Zero Punctuation: Catherine

    Interesting. I just don't feel like being punished for failing is really that bad of a thing. Also, I don't really know that end game mechanics have anything to do with save points. But maybe I was just being too blunt with my metaphor (since both Tetris and Catherine do some block...
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    Report: Internet Explorer 9 Doesn't Suck

    I have to admit that IE9 is a vast improvement to IE8. Still IE9 remains to be lagging behind in integrating new technologies, and that's because Microsoft is planning full HTML5/CSS3 integration for IE10, which requires the user to upgrade to Windows 7. And it's this practice of purposely...
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    Zero Punctuation: Catherine

    I agree completely about the story. Vincent is a complete tool. But I love the puzzle. I don't get the lack of autosave critique though. Do you really expect puzzle games to have autosaves in the middle of a puzzle? Can you imagine being able to autosave something like Tetris? I just don't think...
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    Jimquisition: Linearity versus Replayability

    I really think it does take someone as pompously idiotic as Jim Sterling to assume that quality equates replayability. As with almost everything in video games, it's simply not that simple. While, yes, a great title is incentive in itself to be replayed, the blanket value of "great title" is...
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    54 Review: Shift 2 Unleashed

    Have the racing genre become so over-saturated with perfection that the final improvement to the racing simulation can only come in the form of the clattering of rubble on the road? Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed is the latest of a franchise that has prided itself on being highly...
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    54 Review: Portal 2

    There?s no explanation as to why you?re there, why were you neglected for 999999999999999999999999999999999 hours, or why are scientists so obsessed with these puzzles in the first place. There?s no reason for you to want to leave that place, and for a while, the scene is cozy and almost homely...
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    Anti-DRM Group Sends Nintendo 200 Bricks

    Same thing you do with all 3DS right now. Collect dust.
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    Critical Miss: Gamer Science

    I think it's about the research that's done. The ones linking games to violence is more made in psychology, which is mostly non-science. The ones linking games to enhanced memory and learning is in neurobiology, which is actually science based. I'm more biased though since I'm in the biology field.
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    307: Pandora's Box

    $500? no thanks.
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    Episode 6: "A Golden Crown"

    So...many...parallel...plot lines