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    You got the story but what's the gameplay?

    I have ideas for gameplay and then find interesting scenarios/stories/whatever to work with them. What makes games unique is their gameplay, so making a story and then attaching it to a generic game type needs a lot of work in the art department if you want it to be any good, and you'd better...
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    Has gaming passed it's peak?

    What do you mean by peak? Because if it's a numbers game, short answer: no, long answer: nooooooooooooooo. Games are more popular than ever and are becoming more and more accepted. If it's quality, this is a moronic statement. Quality only will really go up, with access to more tech. But...
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    What Made You Smile Today?

    Funny because imgur does the opposite to me. That image has been edited to remove the author's mark. It happens so much on sites like that and cuts me to the bone every time. Ugh. Always credit your sources. What makes me happy every day is talking to friends. I...
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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Using Brand-New Tech and a New Engine

    Now I'm not fond of CoD or anything that follows this constant repetitive release schedule unless it's episodic content, but calling that a rip off of anything, let alone Elysium, is silly. Powered exoskeletons are an old idea, and like any broad concept it's free to be used by whatever media...
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    Get Unreal Engine 4... For 19 Bucks?!?

    I'm a developer currently using Unity and have paid the full price for the pro version outright, I find this much more appealing than any subscription model. I also much prefer not having to worry about future loss of income from shipping my title. I have no worries about Unity asking for a...
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    Half-Life Speedrun Sets Amazing New Record

    Just want to mention that that no scripts/hard run was just beaten :) 34:29
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    Half-Life Speedrun Sets Amazing New Record

    The ladder is on the other side of the area down there, watch the explanation video and skip to that part and they say that they used the jumpbug for it :)
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    Half-Life Speedrun Sets Amazing New Record

    As I said, there is a jump bug where if you crouch and jump correctly between 0 and 4 units above the floor as you are falling it nullifies the fall.
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    Half-Life Speedrun Sets Amazing New Record

    I can't stand reading these threads, some people just really don't understand how speedrunning works or what kind of speedrun this is. It's a segmented scripted oOB any% run. It looks like a TAS run and should be labelled as so if it is, but heck, it's...
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    League of Legend's Ultra Rapid Fire Mode

    So... WTF mode in Dota. Cybrogmatt held a few seasons of actual tournaments of Reverse Captain's Mode of this and it was absolutely fucking hilarious. Here's some of the hilarity. It's a year old, but it's still amazing: (probably skip to 10...
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    OKCupid Asks Firefox Users To Support LGBT Rights, Switch Browsers

    I totally addressed everything you said. I did not miss the point. Native American, Black, whatever words you are trying to use to make your point are not exclusive words, they are in themselves defined by their existence. You are a race/ethnicity, whether it be black or white or whatever. You...
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    OKCupid Asks Firefox Users To Support LGBT Rights, Switch Browsers

    You do know that scripture also defines terms on slave ownership - how to beat your "property", it defines how to treat your wife and how to deal with women who are raped, it's fucking horrible, and any "definition" you might feel like you have gathered from it that hasn't been firmly thrust...
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    Why does Titanfall require 50GB of space?

    Thanks for completely missing the point. Well done. This was my point, said by someone else. Nobody is asking for what you're saying. Construct your strawman somewhere else. Aaaaaaalso "and the only way to make them catch up is stop throwing them money for shitty service." is ridiculous...
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    Why does Titanfall require 50GB of space?

    This is only a problem because Origin has no localisation options as Steam does - with steam you only download the language files that are appropriate for your settings; and you can request further languages to be downloaded. Origin apparently doesn't have this - at least for Titanfall. As...
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    Most devastating loss of a save file

    I spent days on a minecraft server, making an extensive lighting system that turned on at night and off at day. There was a huge tower that did the same, an elaborate club with secret underground stairway doors that took ages to design... and then the server reset this large square of chunks...