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    Marvel, Brian Michael Bendis Discuss Reasons For Gay X-Man

    A character being gay doesn't change anything in my mind. Bobby is still gonna be Bobby(as long as they don't change his characteristic traits) But all this makes me hate the young Jean even more. She doesn't care about anyones privacy, acts like a complete brat at all times even trys to force...
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    Turkish Mayor Sued over Creation of Giant Robot Statue

    I was about to respect the robot, but then i read that it was Melih Gökçek who erected it. So no, nothing done by that lunatic deserves any sort of respect.
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    The Game of Thrones Dilemma

    Eh' I've separated the show from the books in my head by the middle of season 2. I can't stop watching the show, its a big deal for my friends. But i love the books much much more then the show. I still get really pissed really quickly when something different from the books happen or they do...
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    Daredevil's First Costume Revealed at NYCC

    I'm kinda half sure that this costume is from the "Daredevil: The Man Without Fear" series from back in the 90's. That was the first comic series I read so i'm really really REALLY into this!
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    SDCC 2014: Season 5 New Cast Announced for Game of Thrones

    I was so happy and excited about Dr. Bashir that i completely forgot about Arienne and the Greyjoys. What's up with their non-existence?
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    Adam Driver Set To Play Star Wars Villain

    I immediately thought Admiral Thrawn when i saw his picture. A man can wish...
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    Do you listen to audio books while playing video games?

    I don't listen to audio books while playing games buut, I play video games while listening to audio books. Listening to audio books as the main thing. I play mostly grindy and less story oriented stuff while listening. Usually Terraria, FTL, Binding of Isaac, Monster hunter. Borderlands... That...
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    Electronic Arts Repeats as "Worst Company in America"

    Hi guys. Hey, hi. I'm going to say something, IT WAS A POLL ON THE INTERNET This wasn't the grand tournament for the title of the worst company of the year voted by the people of the USA. It was a poll on the internet. People are entitled vote for who ever they don't like the most. Stop...
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    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Good or Bad?

    Naval missions were amazing in AC3, my only gripe about them were how sudden they begun and ended. This is a good news for me. Don't care about parkour and climbing. Just let me sail. mm Yes Please.
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    Could You Date A Transexual?

    Yes i would, If I like them. I would marry them too if I love them. I would also date a transvestite or a crossdresser. Makes no difference to me.
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    Guillermo del Toro Pitching a DC Supernatural Movie

    What in the shit is going on? 3 dimensional Pokemon, Hints on Fallout sequel and a Del Toro directed movie about the most interesing characters of DC. Seriously What is going on?
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    The 50 Most Boring Opinions In Geek Culture - Part I

    Opinion is a great thing. I've heard every one has some sort of opinion about things. Good to see your opinions Bob.
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    Why is Lara so filthy?

    When you don't get to see yourself in a mirror or a puddle of water you don't really notice that your face is covered in mud or blood in a situation that includes high adrenaline. Just roll around on the ground in a jungle for 20 seconds and you'll get the same result. Or just fall down on grass...
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    BioShock Infinite Gets a "Reversible Cover"

    Why not make the primary cover 2nd one? Just take out the burning flag and put the lady in there. They would have probably averted any of this if they did that in the first place. I don't really like any of them except from the 4rd one.
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    BioWare Asks Gamers if They Want a Mass Effect Prequel

    I think only thing that would redeem both Bioware and Mass Effect is to do a bit smaller (as in not "SAVE THE UNIVERSE FROM THINGS")Story, separate from Shepard's journey. It could be before or after the trilogy. Just leave Shepard out of it. Mass Effect doesn't have to be only about Shepard...