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    TV Tropes

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    Poll: You can't stop the signal baby!

    I vote Chatterbox from GTA III as best radio station fiction or not, ever.
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    Borderlands: Hey, cut it some slack.

    I prefer the graphic novel-esque art style they've gone with and I'm sure the game it's self will be a hit because - Diablo sold well - FPS's sell well And I'm going to preorder it :]
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    Hitler and Obama
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    Games That You Need/Want To Complete

    Let my metaphorically pull the list of my ass and prepare my pipe whilst I read it off. -System Shock 2 - I'm actually in the process of playing this, just entering engineering -Deus Ex - Need to start -Half-life: Opposing Force - Damn black ops guys ]: Need to reload some hour previous...
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    If you could travel anywhere in the world right now...

    I would go to australia, but the thought of spiders 3x the size of my hand petrifies me. >_> Since I have no money to actually last more than a day, let's go with Switzerland! And either cause enough havoc to destroy they're untouched society, or befriend a nobleman and change my name to...
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    The saddest animal death in any form of media

    The following is quite a tear-jerker.
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    New Plasmids for Bioshock 2.

    If only I had something to recharge my energy weapons wi-- oh, Bioshock 2. Considering what they've done already, I wouldn't think it'd be too crazy to see a nifty teleport of some sort.
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    Favourite Weapon from Any Game!

    Oo, sorry, I was thinking the dead space ripper. Should've specified, but the unreal one is also nice. Just... not like the dead space one :]
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    Favourite Weapon from Any Game!

    Ripper. It's a gun That shoots saw blades The only way you could improve on it, is if they exploded into flying shrapnel after spinning.