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    Zero Punctuation: Next Gen Buyer's Guide

    I've avoided PC gaming for YEARS in spite of the begging of many friends simply because consoles were just simpler. Thanks to all of the announcements this year I've bought nothing but Steam games for months. That may not be a big deal to any of you, but it's a huge difference to me, and...
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    Escape to the Movies: After Earth

    Thorough review; even though I wasn't planning on seeing this anyway it's nice to have my impressions about the trailers justified. Appreciate the final note about Scientology's influence too, that was probably the only thing that made me at all curious about how the movie plays out...
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    The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race

    *slow clap* I've felt the same exact way, for just about the same exact time - for years I've played consoles exclusively thanks to their being easier to access, less time-consuming to maintain, cheaper initial investment, etc. Not to mention the fact that people can actually come over and...
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    Escape to the Movies: Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie

    This, exactly. Calling it "high camp" is seriously, ridiculously pretentious, and I don't throw that word around lightly. People who call T&E geniuses strike me as the same kind people who adopt Catcher in the Rye as the smartest and coolest book ever written, finding the deepest of meaning...
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    Escape to the Movies: Chronicle

    Not-so-subtly calling Kojima "God" Potentially spoiling a character death Rooting for the Pats Yep, I officially hate this video. But I'll still see Chronicle.
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    The Big Picture: MovieBob's 2011 Top Ten

    I was in a room full of people this week discussing movies, and someone brought up Midnight in Paris. All but one guy (about 13ish people) said the movie sucked. And not just the normal kind of suck. I mean suuuuuuuuuuuuucccked. The other guy? Thought it was brilliant. I don't know...
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    Accountant Claims Viacom Owes $383 Million to Harmonix Shareholders

    You must not be familiar with Viacom. They own a large percentage of the planet. $380 million won't bankrupt them at all, but I agree this is definitely amusing news. Harmonix is the best at what they do, and they don't deserve to be screwed over as constantly as they have been.
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    Jimquisition: Taking Videogames Seriously

    Why the hell should I care if Jim likes Alien 3 or not? He's a fucking VIDEO GAME CRITIC. ... thatsthejoke.jpg
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    Anyone ever hear of Sequelitis (video series)?

    Just came across these today. Neither are new, at all, but I haven't seen them mentioned anywhere on the Escapist. They offer some sweet meta-criticism of games that seems to fit in pretty well with the likes of which you'll find here (Yahtzee, Jimquisition, etc.), in a similarly funny and...
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    Escape to the Movies: The Adventures of Tintin

    Definitely would have preferred a review of Sherlock or even Ghost Protocol, but I see we went with the "I can pad 2+ minutes talking about cultural backgrounds" review instead.
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    Zero Punctuation: Saints Row: The Third

    There's a difference between what most websites/critics do and what guys like Yahtzee, Joe, and even Jim Sterling do. So many reviewers look at games in a vacuum (decent graphics + solid gameplay + any story at all = 9.0) in an effort to feign objectivity, while others look at games in a...
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    Rumor: Dragon Age Getting Multiplayer

    Just like the Mass Effect multiplayer was a rumor that was most likely false? He shoots he scores!
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    Rumor: Dragon Age Getting Multiplayer

    I literally just want to cry right now.
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    Why Jim Sterling's Mario Kart 7 review is bullshit.

    I was going to contribute something constructive to this thread, but I'm pretty sure I just had an aneurysm from reading some of these comments.
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    Poll: Which Saints Row universe gang would you most like to join?

    Morningstar. Sweet black and red colors, best looking women, plus Safeword and all the gimps that go with it? Oh yeah.