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    Developer Blames "American Culture" for Greenlight Ban

    we dont want your crappy interactive erotic novel on steam
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    Dust 514 Finally Merging With EvE Online

    I like the idea, as an eve player that plays alot of fps i fricken love the idea. but im watching the trailers and theres one thing that bothers me... i dont see eve. alot of eve is based on the different races, each with their own visual style for everything associated with them as well as...
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    Kids Can't Handle Old-School RPGs Anymore

    This is cause games don't work the same way. I don't know if you told them "hey guys you need to read the information for the game to make sense" but thats what you should've done. Games now dont just show you what to do, but they also teach you how to play as you play it, they give skills...
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    303: How Games Get Zombies Wrong

    I agree with a lot of this. I like the points on how most zombie games don't take advantage of the other threats zombies pose as an enemy, but the whole article just seems kinda arrogant in the way it was written. I mean I get the idea that its that you think MOST people don't understand how...
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    Escape to the Movies: The Hunger Games

    So my order of input was as follows: book, bob's review, movie, movie, bob's review. I do think that bob has some valid points bout the movie, me not being a fan of the shaky camera stuff that made me sick in the bourne identity sequels but some points i felt didnt land. Complaints about the...
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    Escape to the Movies: Breaking Dawn, Part 1

    Another good review sorry u had to put down ur game bob hah, thats the feeling i get everyday when i have to get off my computer where im literally roaming the countryside of skyrim hunting DRAGONS to go to my dead end job haha
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    Saints Row: The Third Review

    I mean I'm sure these comments are littered with this, and if you had fun making this review that's cool, but really it just sounded stale. It didn't make me excited for the game. You trying to sound "cool" while describing stuff just made everything seem boring. Overall it didn't feel like a...
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    Feed Dump: Tigers and Sheep

    i miss Phailhaus, but this was pretty good. Good to see Matt's philhaus ban isn't in effect
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    Zero Punctuation: Brink

    i regret getting this game. i had such high hopes for it.... i was let down
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    Miracle of Sound: Wheatley's Song (Portal 2)

    I really liked the song. just one thing bout the video though, it showed a decent amount of the end game scenes. which isnt a huge deal but there was no need to show the scenes... haha idk a small spoilers warning would be good me thinks
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    Riders At The World's End - Phase 2: Mortal Danger [FROZEN]

    While the trainee squad continued their patrol through the Delta sector they came upon a large wrecked vehicle that appeared to have some salvageable components. As the group formed defensive positions around the wreck, Alturis and two other squad members began searching through the scrap. Due...
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    Riders At The World's End - Phase 2: Mortal Danger [FROZEN]

    The Delta Sector trainee guards started their first patrol early that day. Walking the ruined streets outside the protection of their fortified tower, they march through the corpse lined roads. While some had been witness to the atrocities that this way of life had brought on man kind, many had...
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    Riders At The World's End - Phase 2: Mortal Danger [FROZEN]

    well since Alturis is only a trainee right now for the blue eyes I would love a mentor to get him out of the tower. Farley? Red? haha
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    Riders At The World's End - Phase 2: Mortal Danger [FROZEN]

    so many people going faction-less that its basically a faction in itself :P