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    What's so special about Titanfall?

    I found the game to be fun. It is the most fun modern shooter I've played, probably because of its originality. I'm not going to buy the game at full price, but a half-off sale will have me suiting back up for more Titanfall action.
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    Update: Fan "Fixes" Mass Effect 3 Ending With A 539-Page Rewrite

    I agree with you completely. I find it astounding that when I try to explain this to people, they just say "stop complaining, the ending wasn't that bad." It was that bad, but not because of the writing or whatever. It was bad because for years, and over the course of three games, I was promised...
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    PS4 vs Xbox One Comparison: Graphics, Specs, Differences

    Because if they make the old controller incompatible, everyone has to buy 1-3 extra controllers so their friends can play on their XBOX, and therefore Microsoft makes more money. Kind of like when apple changed the connector for the iPhone 5.
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    AC4... Am I being overly sensitive?

    Yes. I'm not mocking you by any means, but yes. It is just a game, and how else are people supposed to get meat? Whether you eat it or not, many people do, and everyone did back then when they could get their hands on it.
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    Witcher 3 to be DRM free

    I hate DRM that is inconvenient. Steam doesn't bother me because it is actually more convenient than physical copies, and I personally have no worries about Valve deciding I don't own my games anymore.
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    Ubisoft Ends Online Pass System

    Seriously, Uplay is such crap. I hate opening steam, clicking my game, then having another client open that I have to find and click my game in. Horribly inefficient, and a huge waste of my time. OT: Good job Ubi, you are taking your first steps towards not being a horrible company! Now get...
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    Sony stumbles

    I honestly hope that the PS4 fails. I don't want Microsoft to succeed, mind you, I want them to crash and burn too. I feel betrayed by Sony with the PS4 because of the PS+ membership being required to play games online. The only reason they are implementing that is because they know they can get...
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    Americans, what's so great about the Imperial System?

    Well, first of all, I don't care about SCIENCE, but I do agree with your other points. The metric system is much easier to use and makes more sense, but I grew up with the imperial system and I can easily eyeball all of the units. Since the imperial system is still far more widely used here, I...
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    Scrolls May Go Free-to-Play

    League of Legends. The only thing you can buy is name changes and skins. You can buy champs too, but it doesn't really change gameplay as you can get them for free just as fast.
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    Have you ever had that moment when you were happy a TV show you don't watch is ending?

    Actually, Oda says that the manga is just now halfway through, so good luck with that. I agree with op, and hold the same reasons for wanting Breaking Bad to end as he does.
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    Has DLC gone too far?

    I think DLC is completely out of hand. I was ok with it when people would make suggestions to the devs about what to add to the game, and then the devs would add that as DLC. I am not ok with it existing as it currently does, purposely not adding content into the game so the can sell it later at...
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    Story and gameplay don't mix? What do you prefer?

    I actually have done the opposite of you. As I have gotten older, I have leaned more towards games that are just fun, and may not have any semblance of story at all. A good story is great, but I mostly just use gaming to unwind now, and then only when I get the chance, so I don't really want to...
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    Poll: Should I get a 3DS or PS Vita?

    This is completely untrue. Nintendo is not abandoning the 3DS, they just seem to be trying to broaden their audience with the 2DS. Source, fourth paragraph down.
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    Poll: Should I get a 3DS or PS Vita?

    I would suggest a 3DS. The Vita is cool and all, but the 3DS has an immensely larger game inventory, and playing Vita games on your tv is already possible from a ps3, not to mention rather pointless for a handheld.
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    Ryse Microtransactions are "Nothing Sinister," Microsoft Promises

    Microsoft Promises HAHAHAHA!!! That's seriously the funniest thing I've seen all day. What a freakin joke. I really hope nobody actually believes these people about what they say anymore.