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    #001 - Twice Daily

    This isn't the same web comic, so I don't think it really applies.
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    The Pickup Artist #2

    I find it really weird how far some of the comments here are reading into this joke comic. There's no ulterior motive with Erin being jealous or whatever, it's just a setup for jokes.
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    Jimquisition: Watch Dogs - Five Collector's Editions For One Game? What? F*$%ing WHAT?

    Y'know I was super excited about this game, but between this and charging like £50 for the DIGITAL version (when boxed versions are around £40) I really can't feel like I can support this. Such a shame. (I have no willpower I'll probably pick it up anyway)
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    Movie Defense Force: Friday the 13th (Reboot)

    There goes my evening, I wanted to get work done :[
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    No Right Answer: Greatest Cybernetic Threat to Humanity Ever

    I'm a bit perplexed by the new system, perhaps thats the hangover. OT: Yeah, the BORG are far more terrifyin. Having my free will suppressed is far more horrible than being infiltrated, at least in my books.
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    CDC Invites Plague Inc. Creator to Give Lecture

    Actually I found the mechanics in Plague to be faaar superior, but hey-ho. OT: That's pretty cool actually, I've always thought that it was interesting to see how the world reacted and changed to good old BUTTMADS.
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    Seriously Ea?

    Probably because they're hoping that you'll forget and that they'll still get their money off you. Boggles my mind how these companies think sometimes.
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    Movie Defense Force: Mortal Kombat

    I really want you to do Street Fighter now. Will you please do Street Fighter?
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    Music Elitists

    There is no definition for "good music". No matter how fucking hard you look. There is no objectivity, everything is entirely subjective, no matter how fucking hard you try to argue it isn't. God this thread has made me angry.
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    If Anime Cliches Happened In The Real World

    Lots of kids would be hospitalised from attempting to go on adventures aged 15.
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    Hundreds Injured In Russia Meteorite Near-Miss

    Is he really the best man to be asking>
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    DmC: Devil May Cry - Where will it go now? [Spoilers Aplenty]

    Yeah he wasn't that great. Too boring, at least Dante showed some emotional range.
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    Your quirks when it comes to music.

    That song was the reason I picked up Bass. Another quirk I have is that I'll only listen to like, 7 or so songs at any given time and those 7 vary from week to week.
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    It's official, Devil May Cry fans are the worst fans ever

    Liked the original DmC's [I discount 4 because it was fucking shit and tolerate 2] and I thought the new one was cool. Yeah I think it would've worked better as a new IP but as much as people whine, the original DmC's are still there so do what I'm doing and play them again :D.
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    DmC: Devil May Cry - Where will it go now? [Spoilers Aplenty]

    So I just finished the game up like, 5 minutes ago [god Vergil was annoying] and I just popped over here to ask if any of you have any ideas of where the story might take Dante next? Obviously Vergil wanting to control humanity is a pretty big point but I'm just wondering how he actually...