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    Do people actually buy games based on Yahtzee's reviews?

    I've never based a game purchase on a ZP. I did buy one game before he reviewed it, which increased my squee levels by a factor of 1.6, but not the other way around.
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    Tell me useless info you know!

    The bits of plastic on the ends of shoelaces are known as "aglets".
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    Poll: Blonde, Brunette or Redhead?

    It'll all be gray (or gone) one day. I just want someone smart and nice. And not a lesbian. I seem to attract them. (And no, it's not a matter of them lying to me to dissuade me. One of my lesbian friends and I have frequent amusing conversations about the gratuitous fanservice of Magic cards.)...
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    Wii sales down, DS too

    Question: How are XBox & PlayStation sales in the same time period looking? After all, if they were in similar rates of decline, that would simply indicate a poor market, while lesser decline and/or growth would indicate Nintendo has a problem.
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    It's yet another industry threatened by the Internet.
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    Duke Nukem Forever

    DNF wouldn't be worth the wait if it was hand-delivered by a group of supermodels who are then contractually obligated to have sex with you. That said, seeing a reference to a classic quantum physics gedankenexperiment made me squee a little.
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    your avatar as a weapon

    I get a stylized Primeape. Neat. I hope it doesn't have a terrible attitude, though.
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    Your weapon in the zombie apocalypse. (with a twist)

    Let's see... I've got a 2/3's used page-a-day calendar, my Mac Mini, a reusable plastic bottle, a speaker, several containers full of pencils, a DS... In theory, the most threatening things to my left are scissors and a staple remover. And maybe that Ziplock bag full of coins, as a blackjack.
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    Rebecca Mayes Muses: Fable 2

    Thank you for not using the filter for the whole song. My eyes are a bit sore still... In any case, as always, a beautiful song with a nice bit of commentary slipped in that won't detract or distract when heard out of a critical context.
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    Review: Metroid Other M

    Well, at least they didn't use the "a tap on the shoulder shorts out all of your abilities" trope. I'll probably rent this first, but it still looks good. I'll decide whether to take or leave the character development. If all else fails, I can always say later games see Samus grow beyond the...
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    An Extinct Animal You Never Want to Meet

    A Liopleurodon, because I'll fear for my kidneys. Really, anything bigger than a rabbit. They recently discovered a European dinosaur like a Velociraptor, but with two sickle claws per foot. It was described as being the size of "a gigantic turkey." I don't care if they meant the Butterball...
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    Poll: Which Lantern Corp Are You?

    I was honestly kind of saddened by how orange is one of the nastier bits of the emotional spectrum, it being my favorite color. (Being born in October and raised on Nickelodeon will do that...) That said, Lex Luthor in a supersuit made out of his own greed was pretty sweet. That said, I'd...
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    Unskippable: No More Heroes 2

    Thinking about it, there are more heroes in this, given that Shinobu is a playable character. Huh. Also, Travis isn't disappointed in the player. He just wants to make sure that he's got a save to fall back on.
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    Poll: what's worse,beating up a girl, or getting beat up by a girl?

    It depends on the girl beating or being beaten, the number and attitude of onlookers, and most importantly, how much you believe that girls have some form of gender-specific diplomatic immunity from unarmed combat. Granted, an insistence on not beating up a girl can be an admirable and...
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    Square Enix Explains Final Fantasy XIV's Unusual Experience System

    The question becomes what the cooldown is on a given job's XP gain ratio and whether one can simply oscillate between two classes, letting each cool down as you grind the other.