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    Is TF2 Perfect?

    There are three mistakes in TF2's design: sentry knockback, which removes player control; critical hits, which can cause instant death; and the lack of any tangible benefit for attacking. The first two only happen on occasions, but the lack of encouragement for offence seriously harms almost...
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    Yahtzee Visits Valve, a Travelogue

    I get the impression that invited a load of random games writing people for a few days on a whim. I wonder why...did they ask anyone for a portrait shot and their attack stats by any chance?
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    Project Horseshoe: EA's New Deal

    EA had nothing whatsoever to do with the creation of either of those games, Katana.
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    Valve Responds to Foreign-Purchased Orange Box Key Lockouts

    It's only an issue when you buy from countries with much lower RRPs than your own. England isn't one of them...though it would be nice if it was. :-)
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    Portal: Less is More

    I wouldn't have thought so. All that's left of Aperture Science now is GLaDOS, the Borealis, and an empty-but-cavernous underground testing facility. Also, I do agree that less is more - Portal's story is stronger. But I had more fun with Ep2's plot, precisely because of its density and...
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    2K Games Releases BioShock Activation Revoke Tool

    You could always reinstall on the same computer without using up another license under those how does this tool help at all?
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    It's Official: Bungie Goes Solo

    I can't decide if I want them to do Marathon or Myth first, or something new. Whatever happens, do the team(s) still have what it takes after so many years of Halo? Edit: bollocks, Wikipedia says they don't own the rights to Myth any more.
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    Review: Team Fortress 2

    Good review. Haven't you spotted the Sniper's damage metre though? It increases while he's zoomed in, and when it reaches maximum even Heavies will go down with one shot. p.s. Nerf the Scout
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    Zero Punctuation: Halo 3

    Sixteen posts with no flames. I'm quite literally lost for words.
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    A Look at the Games for Windows Initiative

    This is part of the drive to make using limited user accounts the better option, and as such a very good thing. But it can certainly get annoying when every game makes its own folder in Documents/My Documents. Vista, bless its cotton socks, has a special Saved Games folder for that kind of...
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    Episodic Content Not Necessarily the Future at Valve, Newell Says

    That is what they've done, as far as I can tell. Valve's ideas of short development cycles just aren't the same as most gamers'!
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    Episodic Content Not Necessarily the Future at Valve, Newell Says

    This has been their position all along. Not that I'm trying to put TE down, but it isn't quite the U-Turn it might appear. :-)
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    Tarr Chronicles Demo Now Available

    Is this advertorial by any chance?
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    Progress and Upgrades

    I think his point is that the real cost isn't as high as the initial price tag suggests.
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    Progress and Upgrades

    Ah. I built my last machine in 2004, based on a purchase from 2000. Make my last post four years. :o My current machine was bought after only three years of the 2004 one, but that was partly because I needed a laptop. Although that did mean I missed the PCI-X upgrade-fest (which still isn't...