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    My Year in High Definition

    Did... did you just do a clipshow episode of this column?
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    Escape to the Movies: The Equalizer - A Near-Perfect Dad Movie

    I came here to the comments to see a TF2 reference. (Or at least a Korra one.) I was disappointed. Poor show, Escapist commenters.
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    Spring Cleaning Reveals Prince of Persia History

    It's funny how something only 30 years old still needs a specialist 'digital archaeologist' to read. And yes, I too recall AVGN's Swordquest review.
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    The Escapist's New Background

    What? This puppies one is so silly! How can I ever used that as my def- ... ... ... DOGSDOGSDOGSDOGSDOGSDOGSDOGSDOGSDOGSDOGSDOGSDOGS Yeah, this one's staying.
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    Artificially Intelligent Being Designs Videogame for Humans

    OOH! OOH! OOH! OOH! Guys, guys, guys, guys... The guy who made this is a student at Imperial College London, who wants to see an interview with him in the student newspaper of said college?
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    Nintendo's New Zelda Book Reveals Official Timeline

    Four Swords is a different game to Four Swords Adventure. The former is just a short add-on to the Link to the Past game, with a separate storyline, whilst the latter is an independent full game.
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    Daily Drop: GameBoy

    ^Agreed. I have to ask. Did it still work after the initial drop?
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    Zelda Fan Builds Tuneful Treasure Chest

    My response:
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    Experimenting with a 3DS: Microscopes and Microwaves

    Did that microwave guy remind anyone else of Sid from Toy Story? I could totally see him trying to microwave Woody and Buzz.
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    Teenage Mad Scientist Creates Solar Death Ray

    I can imagine this kid in ten years time saying "I suppose I can give up ONE of my doomsday devices and still be feared". That was epic.
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    Wonder Woman Is a Go, But McG Might Direct

    McG was involved with Supernatural, and that turned out ok. I have hope. Kinda... Sorta... A little bit...
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    [UPDATE] Microsoft Devastates Autistic Child By Labeling Him a Cheater

    If the kid/his family/someone isn't to blame (which could be the case...) then... damn, when did Microsoft get taken over by Mr Burns?
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    Meet the New Bat-Guys

    "Bane sucks. If I was going to write a book about how and why the superhero genre fell completely in the toilet in the 1990s, Bane would be on the cover." Surely Rob Liefeld would be on the cover. Or at least one of his Image Comics creations. Also, please write that book, it'd be epic! :P...
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    Legoland Building the Star Wars Universe, Brick by Brick

    D: But not in the English Legoland?! That's bloody bollocks that is!
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    American Optometric Association Green-Lights the 3DS for Kids

    They're saying it's GOOD in the sense that they can use it to detect problems, not in the sense that the device has some kind of benefits, kind of like an X-Ray machine. Still, interesting findings, and an odd role reversal, since the big business saying 'our product is bad for you', and the...