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    Is there a developer who has never failed you?

    Remedy, Valve and Blizzard. Bioware and Twisted Pixel would be on the list if it wasn't for the DLC for Mass Effect and The Maw.
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    Ideas for New Weapons

    There's always the ninja firing rocket launcher and one that causes people to collaspe in on themselves how about one that causes peoples ass and head to swap locations or maybe even an mp3 machinegun
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    Survey: Same Basic Survey, Different Title

    *Age:16 Number of years you've been playing: 12 (pokemon at 4 baby, hell yeah) Hours you play a day: 4 How many games do you own(Estimate if you want): 20 *How many games ever: 90-ish Favorite Genre: FPS Number of Consoles you've ever owned: 6 Most Used Console: xbox 360 Favorite...
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    Greatest Quotes Ever

    "If you spoon with a man but pretend it's a women, is it still gay?" "I may or may not be indecisive,I just can't decide" "I'm not crazy, your just jealous the voices only talk to me" "The object of war isn't to die for your beliefs, but to make the enemy die for there's" "PERIODS...
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    You Know You've Been On The Computer For Too Long When...

    140. When you criticise RL for having no Respawns and being imbalanced, but you have to commend the graphics 141. When you refer to Real Life as RL 142. When you don't know what the majority of people you know look like 143. When you take spam seriously, just to see what will happen
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    What games have you gotten every Achievement/Trophy for?

    I had all halo achievements until update 2 away in BF:BC it's the 10002 kills one and get all medals one (i can't get the strike one, cus when i kill 4 people really fast a fifth is never around or finishes me off) and all the ones left in FC2 are to do with ranking up, I won't finish this one...
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    GTA IV expansion

    I would be on it if I ever got it back from Take2! Damm disk replacement program.
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    GTA IV expansion

    So, i've just heard of a gta4 expansion avaible for download exclusively from xbl in february 2009 (yes i am in the stone age) The expansion will see a new stroyline and characters but stay in New York (gasp!) I mean um... Libery City. The expansion is supposed to "show a different side to...
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    Are games getting dumber?

    I'd agree with there being dumb games out at the moment, but there were dumb games out in the past, no story, plot or anything if they did it would be "you here, objective there, bad guys in way, go kill they ass" (yes that was zp :P) Anyway then, games aren't getting dumber they are as dums...
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    Your favorite underappreciated games...

    Star wars battlefront jak and dexter battlefield bad company (i know it's well known but few people play it) and finally, a bit like bf:bc, army of two
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    Watching yourself die...repeatedly

    I don't think avatars help with immersion tbh. It does'nt get me more connected with the game and it does'nt bother me watching myself die. To prove avatars aren't necessary for immersion, just today my friend grabbed me from behind to be greeted with "AAH! SMOKER! GET HIM OFF ME! GET HIM OFF...
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    We whine, like ALOT!!!

    I've noticed this, my gaming friends have hardly ever whined about a game but people on forums people will just "whine whine whine feed me feed me feed me now" it's ok to demand to quality but if you also demand quantity you won't get the quality aspect
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    Poll: Would you rather...

    i'd live forever, even if i was floating around space i can entertain myself every easily, that's why i think all games are AWESOME!!1!!!!!11!
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    The New X-Box 360 Dashboard

    i quite like, i'll get used to the new blades, the party system is good, the putting discs on hard drives is goods, the avatars don't care either way and accessing marketplace on the computer is good, all in all i think the new dashboard is an improvement
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    Games people call overrated but you think deserve the hype.

    battlefield games (any of them) deserve all the hype and i think halo would be seen as a better game if it wasn't as hyped, people went expecting perfection and when they didn't get it they didn't like it, i went in epecting an average shooter and i got a little better than that, so i like it...