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    Dear Valve: Please Fix Steam in 2017

    > Please explain, I'm no getting it If the games industry is selling even "rather recent games" at 50% off, that's a pretty good indication that the PC games industry is about to collapse as the money it's making from sales is probably not sustaining the development costs. Why develop for PC...
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    Where Has My Aim Polygone?

    After viewing a few speed-run videos on the web, I've always wondered what the reception would be if I put a video of me playing a game up on the web. Now I know.
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    A Cosplayer's Response to Xbox's GDC "Core Values"

    Terminalchaos, it's useful to think of how you would feel at the default state - i.e. if Microsoft hosted no party at all. Offended? No. There are literally an infinite number of parties that are *not* being hosted at this very moment. So, are you harmed when harmed when a party occurs...
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    A Cosplayer's Response to Xbox's GDC "Core Values"

    Strongly disagree. This is a *company*, not a private individual, and what they permit, the promote. Indeed, and as a professional organization, it is their responsibility to make it as inoffensive to as much of society as possible, regardless of whether such groups are in the present...
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    Master Racier

    Heh. I remember doing a test a little while back on a friend who had a high end PC. I could tell the difference between 30 and 60 FPS, but guessed which one was the 60 FPS only slightly better than chance. Could not notice any difference above that. But then, I also annoyed my wife by...
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    Mozilla gives 15k to remove "Slave" from build bot documentation

    Thanks for the clarification. Although that's kind of letting reality rip the heart of an interesting conversation built up on a misunderstanding. Since I'm defending the "it's fine to spend money to explicitly change terminology", I'll let the misrepresentation stand :-). Still, worth...
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    Mozilla gives 15k to remove "Slave" from build bot documentation

    I think we have the crux right here. I would absolutely agree with you that the government should not intervene. But that's not what's happening here. Surely you believe that people should be allowed to react to words as they would like, and surely you believe that we should be allowed to...
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    Mozilla gives 15k to remove "Slave" from build bot documentation

    Feeling are part of objective reality just like pain, which is also totally subjective, but still objectively real. Sure, it can't be precisely measured, but that doesn't make it objectively real. It does, of course, make it harder to judge tradeoffs, but any set oif guidelines to be used by...
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    Mozilla gives 15k to remove "Slave" from build bot documentation

    "Feels before reals" absolutely implies that "feels" or feelings are not real (you can't be before something if you're part of it), and thus not worthy of consideration amongst the literally hundreds of factors that go into any well-considered technical decision. Since you agree with me, I'll...
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    Mozilla gives 15k to remove "Slave" from build bot documentation

    Of course they're subjective - words only have the meaning we assign, and more importantly, they have meaning to the party that created them *and* to the party that receives them. That's the most basic premise of communication. The person who whines "that's not what I mean when I use the word"...
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    Mozilla gives 15k to remove "Slave" from build bot documentation

    Unless you're dealing with robots, 'feels' *are* 'reals'. And, if one has ever dealt with a project that involves actual humans, you probably understand that the morale, enthusiasm, and teamwork of those working on a project are vastly more crucial to a project's success than the particular...
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    The Dream

    The obvious solution as to who is hogging the bed is to have a small child (or a dog, so I've heard). That way, you *each* get a clothesline-width piece of bed on either edge, with the child/pet playing the role of the central strut in the letter "H" between the two of you. The only part I...
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    The Downside to Marriage Equality

    That is indeed the great tragedy of being a parent. Parenting 24 hours a day leaves one too tired to gain the maximal amount of joy from interacting with a child. It's infinitely more fun to be ramped up to 11, play with the child to (your) exhaustion, and then be able to give the child back...
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    The Nothingness

    Reminds me of when my audiophile roommate threatened to take back the stereo he had sold me (when he upgraded) when he walked into my room, realized within seconds that one of the speakers had become unplugged, and then realized to his horror that this had probably happened weeks ago, and I just...
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    The Plight of the Masters

    Heh. The real aces can be mailed a screen shot once a day and *still* blow me up.