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    Please pick one of these and talk about it.

    During the week, I am completely without internet. I am working with my dad building houses out on an indian reserve, and because one of the secretaries and I disagree, I am without internet for the 5 days I am out there, working on the reserve. For someone like myself, this is like being...
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    Poll: Do you listen to metal?

    I used to consider myself a metalhead, but when a band I like has 4 different albums that are 4 different kinds of metal, 3 of which I really like but 1 that I don't, it's hard to say "I like this band" because you have to be really specific, "I like this band, but only these albums". Especially...
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    Poll: It's not gay if...

    Your profile pic made this comment infinitely more humorous.
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    Wearing deodorant at the gym

    I don't understand why anyone would be bugged by people smelling sweaty at a gym. That's like complaining about someone smelling like chlorine at a pool. So yeah, I'm with you. Put on deodorant when you leave or when you finish your shower, but you're there to work out, not hang out and smell...
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    Jimquisition: Gamer Guys

    Well that was a hearty laugh. Thank god for Jim, I needed that on a Monday :)
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    What could speak to the world or at least the Nation for five minutes?

    LOOOOOOOOOOL That is pretty good, lol. My idea to play Rick Astley followed by Trololo isn't nearly as good as yours. I second this.
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    Why do so many people like Mincraft?

    Hey, why do people like My Little Pony?
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    The Irony of "Logic" we apply in Fantasy/Sci-fi Videogames/Movies/Comics/Etc.

    There is a difference between, "we can't explain this" / "it would take way too long to explain this" / "explaining this would kind of ruin the atmosphere" and "you should know how this works, but it isn't like that in our universe". For example: In most shooters, head shots are critical...
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    Poll: Mindless hatred for the Xbone?

    I think it's important for all of this hate to reach Microsoft so they can get their shit together, change what we don't like about the system, and make a better system that I'll actually want to buy. The problem with this, is I don't think that they'll listen to anything. They'll make their...
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    Poll: Would you rather...

    Well I meant that they have no physical objects, hence my comparison to Reese. For the sake of argument, assume they get along with you perfectly fine and because they have so much stuff, they don't mind giving you stuff. Maybe they are just a very giving person and love helping people out...
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    Poll: Would you rather...

    I'm just asking because I'm curious, I had this discussion with a couple friends of mine, and they each picked differently. My one friend picked the friend that has everything, because that person would be really great to have around; need money for something? That friend just gives you all...
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    Mike Morhaime announces Warcraft 4?!

    I enjoy it too! :D Lol, that and a few other TY links have been burned into my brain a thousand times.
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    Mike Morhaime announces Warcraft 4?!

    So I just saw this on twitter: and holy shit, the video is so amazing. I thought Blizzard had abandoned all hope for Warcraft 4 since they've been working so hard on WoW and such. I wasn't even sure where they would pick up the lore from...
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    So... what's your FAVORITE movie? No wishy-washy answers!

    V for Vendetta. It has so much depth and can be interpreted in so many different ways, I still see new things every time I watch it. It also adheres to the original comic book rather well, something that is getting more and more difficult as time goes on =|
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    On Difficulty and the State of Gaming.

    Oh I know about the balancing issues, I am a little over halfway through the game and Donnel is as overpowered at lvl 7 Hero as Hector is at lvl 10 Great Lord with Armads, and he's just one of my characters lol. The reclass system is hilariously overpowered. One of my favorite things about...