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    The Big Picture: MovieBob's Worst of 2013

    "Can we please just pick up where The Next Generation left off?" Don't say that Bob! Because the next thing you know we'll be seeing some terrible cross-over movie with TNG and the Reboot-verse in "Star Trek: Fuck You-You'll See It." Suprisingly, I am in total agreement with Bob's...
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    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review - Episode 10: The Bridge

    I found the drama about the switch at the end of the episode a bit over-acted. I'm a little worried that Weddon's crew has become a little to reliant on old favorites like Buffy and Angel formulas. If I see a fabulous musical episode, I'm out.
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    Black Friday coming soon to the UK. WHAT THE F***!! WHY?!?!

    I'm curious Great Britain, Do you recognize Thanksgiving (The American Holiday just before Black Friday)? Are you guys thankful you got rid of the Puritans? How about you guys up in Canada? I can see the economics of having a huge sale day roughly a month before Christmas and why just make...
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    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review - Episode 9: Repairs

    Yeah, I don't see what the problem is there either. Its just sex anyways.
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    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review - Episode 9: Repairs

    SHIELD literally burns billions of dollars on rockets to the sun to destroy alien priceless artifacts that can't be currently understood routinely. Dropping a couple mil on some poor schmuck afflicted by a %100 mundane human technology doesn't seem like a bad investment. Plus, its their job to...
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    Romance is Futile

    Humans don't really emit pheromones, but body language can have a huge impact on you in ways you don't consciously recognize. I don't just mean a sassy shake of her hips or flirtatious hand contact; Maybe when you guys made eye contact her pupils simply widened. Some have suggested that this...
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    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review - Episode 9: Repairs

    This would've been an OK episode if it didn't have such an inconsistent, unwarranted, manipulative climax but its actually a pretty bad one. I totally get that the Christian Caricature is supposed to be annoying with her flawed understanding of Life and God, but what I find inconsistent about...
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    South Park As A Gated Community

    Guys, why so serious? What is with all the over analyzing? Its just an irreverent comedy about cheaply drawn weeble people, folks. Taking South Park's ambiguous "Politics" seriously is like unironically saying Dethklok is greatest band ever made. I am the hero this town needs. I am -- THE COON.
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    A couple of questions to Americans

    Actually... Yeah, And here's why: Most Americans are so dependent on entertainment (including television and music celebrities) for role models that they end up emulating the shows that try to emulate them. Assuredly common. There are mean girl clicks in college. I've even had young...
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    Left Behind Games Accused of Scam

    Ah, Left Behind. Come for the Demons, Stay for LGBT/Catholic/Muslim bigotry. (Don't worry Jews, leave your yam-aka at the door and we'll let that slide. *wink*) I think the I stopped reading these things as a teenager when the "Heroes" saved their stupid secret cause from a heathen trying...
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    Grand Theft Auto 5 Made Me Sad.

    I totally get the humorless satire in GTA V. I know more than enough people in reality that obsess image over substance, or yell "get raped" on Halo, or Facebook stalk. Yes, these people that Rockstar satirizes totally exist, and my country's culture encourages them. These things just make...
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    The Big Picture: The Big Letdown

    This. I've never been a fan of Superman because I found it way too difficult to relate to him. I feel confident this movie will change that.
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    John McAfee's Death Disappoints John McAfee

    He should sing his own Dust In The Wind eulogy. "You're my boy John! You're my boy!"
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    Rockstar's Houser: GTA V "Is The Endpoint Of The American Dream"

    Yeah, no film pls. The satire in GTA is awesome. If only the controls wern't like playing with a hacksaw. (I really liked San Adreas, because the controls became more forgiving the longer you played.)