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    Asda Selling Call Of Duty Black Ops for £4.97

    its not really £4.99 though, its £4.99 + a brilliant game you haven't finished yet (i hope)
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    Achievement you're most proud of

    complete all career difficulties on guitar hero 3
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    PayPal Freezes $750K in MineCraft Dev's Account

    Actually, either way the money is his again in 6 months (paypal freeze rules means he gets it either way, he just has to wait 6 months) However, thats not intersting news.... :p
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    Poll: Replacement for the M16?

    really? :o well since i like posting generic things: i think the M16 should all be replaced with pr0 gunz like the cheytac intervention and people should only be able to look into the scope for a very brief period of time (<0.5 secs) and should be taught to people so when they go to war...
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    Modern Warfare 2 Takes Away CTF.

    To everyones information: CTF was the least popular objective based game mode (or so the stats said) At one point when i was looking through the playlists, sabotage had 2k+ players, demolitoon had 8k, and domination had 6 or 7k, where as CTF was down at 700-800 players Fun game mode for...
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    Poll: 'Haxor!' What Are The Cheapest Weapons and Tactics in Online Videogames?

    Snipers, (MW2) seriously. Just because most people Know someone who uses one, they assume its not. Sure it takes a bit of skill to learn to use but once you do its WAY overpowered. and anyway to beat a sniper is considered "nooby". :\
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    Swearing and you

    To express anger, to add meaning to a sentence. Though i admit 90% of the swearing do adds no value or point to what i say.
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    Elder Scrolls MMO

    Thats actually a good idea, just have a world the size of Cyrodill, and Play either on massive PVP ones (for an MMO part) and to have private servers for either just you or just you and like a few freinds, as ES with a party of 3-4 working through the story would be very entertaining. or having...
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    Elder Scrolls MMO

    I'm only like 80% sure here, but i'm pretty sure its actually referring to fallout 4 (which will be an MMORPG) ES5 is set in skyrim, which doesn't really sound like a MMORPG setting.
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    Man faces jail for handing in a gun.

    And its a minimum of 5 years :\ Truly a big WTF? question.