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    Escape to the Movies: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

    Nimoy did the voice of Galvatron in 1986. Why wouldn't they go back to him now?
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    Favourite Arnold Schwarzenegger film

    IT IS NOT A TUUUMAAAA!!!! (Kindergarten Cop) :)
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    Poll: A Question to All Church-Going Christians

    Absolutely! Hymns and Disney Soundtracks were my grade school music education! Which is funny, because I usually stood next to my dad who is tone-deaf...
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    Things that makes you RAAAAAAGGGGGEEEEE!!!

    Because they're not funny the first time, or because they are repeated ad nauseum? Sorry, please clarify....
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    Things that makes you RAAAAAAGGGGGEEEEE!!!

    How about "free refills" in an American movie theater.... Because they assume you're going to leave the movie to go back to the concession stand? about you just cut the price in half and sell me ONE cup!
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    Plot devices that ruin any movie

    Sorry...that movie kicked ass!!...Oh, you mean as a plot device in general....oops.
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    Plot devices that ruin any movie

    So much for the "real people" argument, then. Though I will agree sometimes the unlikable traits are all you're allowed to see from them. Then it gets annoying....
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    North Korea threatens the US with a Nuclear War.

    He's testing our current regime for weaknesses. Simple as that.
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    North Korea threatens the US with a Nuclear War.

    See now? All China has to do is call their weapons back across the border, and the liberals can be talking about the next WMD conspiracy in 5 months! Easiest war North Korea has ever won!
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    I'm your mother and "I can do whatever I want" attitude

    Remember, in all instances, the "I'm older" argument is used in tactful evasion...on the good side, it is used when your parents don't want to kill your curiosity, but disagree with your opinion.
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    What has led to the decline of boxing?

    1) I meant the fact that he has Parkinson's and/or brain damage due to fighting. 2) Notice how many titles you said- I have always thought that streamlining the titles would make it easier to follow. 3 & 4) You are correct. The problem is, Americans can't get behind Klitchko the way they can...
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    Poll: The Wizard of Oz: Overrated?

    Absolutely correct. Bela and Boris horror classics deserve to be on the list! :)
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    Get it off your chest.

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    Why the hate?

    Sadly, hate is often born in acceptance, learning, and experience....
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    Why the hate?

    I will add one extra point: As long as someone can make money from "Hate in America" there will always be someone who will- as a part of a "non-profit" organization so they can fly under the radar.