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    The world is going to end on May 21, 2011

    1 No 2 Fight in the war room
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    Daily Drop: Ted the Cat

    KITTY! also... KITTY! When I saw crowbar I was thinking either Alex would have a feather stick or that the crowbar would be used on a stuffed plushy cat. Feather stick would have been more hilarious. :) KITTY!
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    Daily Drop: Television

    Rematch! Use a forklift and cinderblock on the ground and clear a 2 mile radius! Seriously tho, if this TV has a vacuum break tube, break that first and retry it. Rematch of the century!
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    Gearbox Delays Duke Nukem Forever Until Summer

    Not a surprise. I almost didn't want to comment on this, but I'm sure there are those who are foaming at the mouth. Please see a doctor about that. I'm of the mindset now of "if it comes out, cool, if not, ah well" because titles get canceled just about every month now, seemingly. I for...
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    Bioware Employee caught reviewing Dragon Age 2

    This is not the BioWare I know. "EA" in front of anything means it has been purged of all dissidents against EA and is worthy of being a part of the core EA philosophy. At least I like to think so, anyway. Up next, the EA dildo and butt plug, your choice, both spiky and otherwise unpleasant...
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    Daily Drop: Marshmallows

    I wouldn't mind being in the drop zone, goggles on, mouth open... OMNOMNOMNOM MARSHMALLOW GOOD
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    Daily Drop: Meat

    Meatwad get the honeys, G. Especially that last drop, looked a bit... yeah.
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    Games that Should be Made INTO MOVIES!

    As long as Uwe Boll and Michael Bay are around, please, god no. If by some miracle they get out of directing, or we get good directors (Del Toro, Peter Jackson, etc.) for the projects: Fallout, X-Com, Mass Effect, Halo, Duke Nukem, Star Control.
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    What do you want in mass effect 3?

    A publisher other than EA.
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    Is it worth getting into WoW?

    Short answer: No. TL;DR: Although it claims to have a very large subscriber base, it's more a revolving door than anything else. It's boring, repetitive, not very challenging, and you need to get stuff in order to get more stuff and even more stuff to get to the more powerful stuff. It...
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    Question of the Day, May 26, 2010

    MMOs are tailor-made with addictive habits. World of Warcraft is a pretty good example. It has a lot of "carrot on a stick" moments. Just one more bear tongue! Just ONE MORE mountain lion blood!! It relies heavily on 900-number tactics, where you are kept online as long as possible doing mundane...
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    Sony: Consumers Prefer Discs Over Digital

    In the case of digital distribution, there should be some method of allowing users to back data up. I'm assuming however that Sony is referring to the console market. Unless the next PlayStation has a DVD burner, I can see why people want discs.
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    255: A Simpler Cataclysm

    I'm sure this won't matter, but Blizzard has lost its way. I'm not sure where this talk of "accessibility" comes from, because if you don't have raid gear, you're not going anywhere. And where does one get this raid gear? In raids, of course. I love that Catch-22. Accessible indeed. It...
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    Add Your Photo to Giant WoW Anniversary Mosaic

    Excuse me? Filthy Horde? The Alliance races in Warcraft lore are largely intolerant, Humans pretty much gave the High Elves the shaft. Filthy Alliance is more like it. FOR THE HORDE!