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    Hero-U : Rogue to Redemption (by the makers of Quest for Glory games)

    I am absolutely backing this. Quest For Glory was my favorite Sierra series and the biggest reason for that had nothing to do with graphics or gameplay mechanics - it was about the over-arching story, the writing, and the character development and interactions. That's what makes this appealing...
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    How often do you change your avatar?

    I don't think I've ever changed an avatar for any given site once I've chosen one other than whatever the 'default' is. I think my reason is probably...I'm just lazy like that? Dunno.
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    Which game would you least like to find yourself in?

    Oregon Trail. Demons, I can handle. Measles, Dysentery, Typhoid, Cholera, broken legs, dying oxen...nope, don't think I have it in me to get through all those.
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    What was your favorite Power Ranger series?

    My favorite? The 1975 Chinese movie "The Super Inframan," known for being the first Chinese 'superhero' movie, and also a film which just might have been a LITTLE bit of an influence on the entire Power Rangers franchise...trailer and clip below: ...anybody else notice a passing...
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    The most scared you've ever been?

    The time I went down to my basement recording area to do some guitar practice, turned on my amp, and a few seconds later heard distorted, creepy voices coming out of the amp...this was right after seeing an ad for the (really bad) "White Noise" movie... ...anyway I eventually figured out that...
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    Quick! You're hiring Micheal Bay to sabotage a beloved franchise!

    The "Finding Bigfoot" series on Animal Planet. "Hi, I'm Matt Moneymaker, and today Bobo and I are gonna go huntin' for 'squatches...WITH MISSILES!"
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    Recommend me some Superhero Movies!

    Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army Definitely a different sort of "superhero" franchise but the movies do qualify. Similarly, the first two Blade movies were pretty badass as well (gee, you get the feeling from these recommendations that I like Guillermo del Toro?) - again, they're...
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    Poll: Hatred Towards Roleplaying

    Sure...been playing tabletop RPG's for over 30 years, after all, so I got used to 'getting into' whatever character I was playing. As for video games, did/do that all the time in Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim.
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    Escape to the Movies: Avengers

    You know, they probably could've saved themselves a whole lot of trouble with that whole "can't get through the pure-energy force field surrounding the device" problem and prevented the portal from opening in the first place if one of them had just brought along a package of Twinkies. As the...
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    What Was What in Avengers

    There is indeed a second post-credits scene. But it's not a teaser or any sort of plot-advancer, it's just a for-laughs stinger, apparently shot on video, not "film." Also,
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    Never forget your first...

    Adventure, a.k.a. Colossal Cave Adventure, on my Black Apple ][ (my parents were both in the educational field so I was able to get one of the only-sold-to-school Bell & Howell models) back in 1979. Do I wish it were something different? Hell no! It was a great brain-tester, required a lot...
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    Ridiculously unfair stuff in multiplayer

    ...and this is why I always play Dark Souls and Demons Souls offline. Because I really do not need the "helpful" messages people leave and I can handle the bosses without assistance from Blue Phantoms...but I really do not enjoy being gang-tackled by one Black Phantom invading after another...
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    If you could make your own spin off title in a game franchise

    While I normally avoid MMORPG's, I think I would really like to see one set in the setting of Planescape:Torment. Although somehow actually implementing such a thing in a setting where the beliefs of a character can affect reality would most likely lead to nothing but utter chaos...
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    Escapists: What is your definition of "Fun"?

    With all due credit to Mr. Busey...Finally Understanding Nothing. But seriously, if it's an activity I remember as being something I enjoyed and would like to do again at some point, I probably would consider that "fun."
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    Moments in Games that Made you Cry

    Never really got to that point, but I think the closest I ever got was Toby's self-sacrifice in Quest For Glory: Shadows Of Darkness. Of course that was 18 years ago and I've since become completely inured to such... ...aah, damnit. *sniffles*