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    Your blood is now a different colour...

    My blood is infrared, and I have the power to make good Sonic games.
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    Goodbye is Still Goodbye

    GG, Pitts, gg.
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    Carpe Fulgur Picks Out Third Japanese Indie Project

    Nintendo doesn't have the resources to localize Japanese indie titles. Hence, Carpe Fulgur is more successful than Nintendo.
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    Jimquisition: Nintendo of America

    Well, for once, Jim, I have no argument. *slowclap*
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    Do you ever get tired of the samuri sword?

    What, no love for axes?
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    Feds Using Seized Domains to Promote Anti-Piracy PSA

    So, if I take five movies, is she going to be fired five times? Didn't that guy before me take a movie? So, she's already been fired, right? Are you going to re-hire her just to fire her if I take one?
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    Escape to the Movies: Super Mario Bros. (Rough Cut)

    And if this was real, it would still be better than your average Wii release nowadays.
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    Extra Punctuation: Why Regenerating Health Sucks

    I actually preferred Halo 1's health system to the later sequels. You had a shield that regenerated and, separately, you had your health. You shield takes a few bullets before going away [exact amount dependent on the difficulty], your health is chunks of your ass being shot off that have to...
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    Nintendo Can Disable a Pirate's 3DS Remotely

    Wow. On one hand, I had no plans of pirating 3DS games, but now I'm really considering just not getting one. This is just a bit too Orwellian for my tastes.
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    Inside the Sick Mind of a School Shooter Mod

    I am sensing more than a little editorial bias in the opening bit of this piece.
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    Amnesia: The Dark Descent Coming to Retail

    On one hand, yay! Amnesia deserves the retail release and I hope it gets all the exposure it deserves. On the other hand, I don't know if that box art is going to be helping sales any. Wasn't someone on this web zone just commenting on how bad box art in the US is nowadays?
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    The Escapist Now Hiring a Non-Games Editor!

    Here goes nothing...
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    View from the Road: What Do WoW and Twilight Have in Common?

    You just had to link TvTropes, didn't you, Mr. Funk. I just lost an hour of my life.
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    Do You Like Anime? Write for The Escapist!

    I think I may have something that will help explain the delay. It's a copy of a pm sent and recieved from John Funk a couple days ago. The newest post i Triggerhappy938: Just checking to see if the contest is still on. The public, myself included, await with baited breath...
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    Do You Like Anime? Write for The Escapist!

    Though, in all seriousness, I might re-message Mr. Funk at the six month mark if no one else does before me.