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    So apparently Deadpool is getting a game...

    Fixed that for you.
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    So apparently Deadpool is getting a game...

    Meh. I'm actually a pretty big fan of Deadpool, so that says something. Honestly, all I could really think about during the trailer was: 1) Why isn't Grasshopper Manufacture making this? and 2) How long is it until "Nolan North: The Game" becomes a reality? Here's to hoping, but I doubt...
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    Why does everybody hate Superman?

    Wow, pretty much this. To me, the defining panel of Superman is this: The idea that this alien, a near omnipotent-god who saves the world daily, would stop to save a single suicidal girl using nothing more than base human compassion, is the very definition of what Superman should be in...
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    Greek Mythology Recommendations

    EDIT: My mistake, double post.
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    Greek Mythology Recommendations

    I've heard of that, but I was kind of put off by the fact that it was based on the Roman version of mythology rather than the original Greek versions. Would you say it's still worth checking out?
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    Greek Mythology Recommendations

    Any recommended translations of it? The author can make a huge difference.
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    Greek Mythology Recommendations

    To any and all English majors out there, does anyone have any particular recommendations for a good book covering Greek Myth? It's a subject I've loved since childhood, and the most obvious choice seems to be "Mythology" by Edith Hamilton, though I've heard it is more a statement of facts than...
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    Humanity's worst mistake

    There's quite a few, though I suppose one of the most prevalent would be the objectification of not only humanity, but life in general. The obvious effects of this are the demonization of anything different or out of the norm, which has led to countless conflicts and idiotic arguments, but the...
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    UPDATE! Kitten being overlooked for adoption because it looks like Hitler..

    Who the hell wouldn't wanna adopt that cat? I mean, you could call it "Lil' Hitler" and everything, what more do you need?
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    So whatcha look like Escapists?

    <image width=500> my best picture (blank expression + bedhead), but it's recent so it'll do.
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    Poll: Physical Punishment Towards Children, Yay or Nay?

    One light smack on the ass isn't bad and can be effective, but sitting and beating/spanking a kid isn't acceptable. And rather than type out a whole paragraph, I'm gonna be lazy and let Louis CK talk for me: <youtube=tQOmW2xRL7Q&feature=related>
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    Poll: Power in Video Games?

    Depends on the game, though generally I prefer to feel powerful/badass in some form. However it depends on how the game executes that, if you're overpowered then everything feels kinda boring and pointless, whereas if things are just difficult enough to overcome through sheer skill, then you get...
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    Large Hadron Collider Creates Incredibly Dense Primordial Matter

    "The unique material is 100,000 times hotter than the sun and denser than any known object other than a black hole" Someone care to explain to me how it didn't crush/melt anyone in its nearby vicinity? Perhaps I'm simply overestimating its size, but I don't see how something that hot and...
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    Who is the prettiest girl you have ever seen?

    Probably Adriana Lima (she is a supermodel) <image width=250>
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    Team Ninja Getting More Emotional With Ninja Gaiden 3 This time, there's gonna be tears on them boobs - Ninja Gaiden 3 Tagline