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    Poll: Personal Issue with Batman: Arkham City

    I'm waiting for the inevitable GOTY edition. I can't really spare the money to buy it and the only game I'm buying new this year will be the Metal Gear Collection. In the meantime, I'll probably borrow it off my brother and likely just have to deal with not having the Catwoman stuff. At least...
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    Online Pass Required to Play as Arkham City's Catwoman

    Fuck you. I was planning to borrow this off my brother after he finishes it through because I'm trying to save money at the moment despite really looking forward to this game. I was planning to buy the inevitable GOTY edition later anyway when that comes out for a good price. I can...
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    The most obscure game you own.

    You call out somebody over an obscure game then name one of the most famous PC franchises in history? Uhuh... Sorry, I'm not trying to be a dick, I just thought it was odd. Kings Quest is very well known. Same as Psychonauts.
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    Heavy Rain Creator: "The U.S. Has Problems With My Games"

    Oh god, can he be anymore of a prick? The answer is apparently yes. Way to overgeneralize an entire industry dude. Not to mention your game was about serial killers, had guns, shoehorned "romance" etc. which is pretty much as mainstream a plot as you get. There was nothing in it that I hadn't...
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    Bad games that got GOOD reviews

    This so much. God, I couldn't believe how crap I found it. I still have no idea how it got such good response. It seemed like everybody else was playing a different game to me. It was insanely broken and boring and even after trying to give it multiple chances and looking at the positives, I...
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    Porn Stars Start Topless Gaming Site

    Sadly this will likely be a huge success... Eh.
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    Deus Ex Gets Augmented with Star Wars Advertisements

    WHAT THE FUCK? Jesus, they didn't even try to do it properly, it's just sitting there on a loading screen like a goddamn youtube pop up. Is this for every loading screen? Who's decision was this? Lucasfilm ran out of changes to make to their own films so now they're doing them for...
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    Zero Punctuation: Driver: San Francisco

    For some reason the opening comments made me laugh way more than they should have >_> Anyways, I'll have to give this a look. I still remember playing the demo of the original game, now I feel old...
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    Cartoons CAN be Mature!

    I don't think anybody around here would argue that... Also, blood and such does not equal maturity, it just equals a higher rating. Just saying.
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    Critical Miss: LESBIANS

    I sat there for 10 seconds going "Wait... What did..." But then I got it and laughed. Now I have lesbians on the mind though.
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    Why do guys seem to hate Quiche?

    I love it, I didn't like it as a kid, but as a 19 year old. It's good shit. I've even just got into eating it more the last few days and will have it more regularly. Just able to cut up a nice slice, heat it for 2 minutes and it's great. Even the spinach heavy ones are good.
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    Rumor: Xbox 360 Finally Opening Up to Steamworks

    As soon as the new Counter Strike said it would have cross platform with the 360 included I instantly figured it would be coming. Here's hoping, I like the mentality of knocking down the walls and bringing as many people to play good games as possible regardless of platform.
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    Sonic Generations' Collector's Edition is a Thing of Beauty

    Wow, even from a guy who has been disappointed in Sonic for, well... Very long time. That is a seriously cool looking collectors edition. So what will it cost down under here? 400 bucks?
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    Justice League #1

    I read Detective Comics 1 earlier. It was pretty good, nothing great and amazing though. I've read quite a few batman comics and everybody knows him far better than the other heroes. So they don't really have as much they can do with him. I'm looking forward to reading Action Comics and Batgirl...
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    Poll: What was your favorite Metal Gear Solid game?

    I seriously can not decide between the four main entries. They're so goddamn amazing. They've all got their strong and "weak" points to them and I can never pick a favorite. I'm trying to decide when I go through them all again in November/December with the new HD Collection.