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    Fallout 4's Script Is Bigger Than Skyrim And Fallout 3 Combined

    The problem, there, is that the writer of FO3, Skyrim, and FO4 really isn't very good. He's not on par with the writers at CD Projekt and he sure as hell isn't on par with Chris Avellone. Its probably gonna be a great game to play with a really fun sanbox world, but I'm really not expecting a...
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    Your Windows 10 Experiences

    It feels a lot slower than 7, and the mic on my webcam stopped working after the upgrade. Other than that, its alright. I can definitely see how its better than 8, but I still fee like 7 was fine.
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    Poll: Gaming PC: To build, or buy pre-built?

    Always build. You're gonna have to have the skills if you want to upgrade at some point, and its way cheaper.
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    Money for Mods: Valve Announces Paid Skyrim Mods

    Because mods totally sell as much as one of the best selling book series ever, or a really popular artist who's albums sell millions of copies. Great false equivalence, man. 10/10 Have you even installed a mod before? Have you even heard of modding up until now, because I can't tell.
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    Should Diversity be an Obligation in Game Design?

    I think forcing the devs to add anything into their games is a bad idea. Forcing things in when the creators don't intend it to be there tends to do everyone a disservice.
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    Target Aus Pulls GTA V From Shelves, For Its "Violence Against Women" - Update

    Wait, they were selling GTA V in Australia? That's the real surprise there! In all seriousness, though, it is rather silly that they specifically chose to ban it because of violence against women despite violence against men being more prominent (as mentioned before, there's an extended...
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    Poll: Is EA becoming a better publisher?

    They haven't changed, its just that other publishers have been making bigger asses of themselves.
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    Yes, Destiny 2 Is Already In Development

    I wonder if Destiny 2 will actually have worthwhile content in it... ...probably not.
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    Use the last letter

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    Use the last letter

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    So...what games are ya'll playing?

    Ocarina of Time 3D, Max Payne 2 on pc, occasional Skyrim on pc, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wiiu, and Divine Divinity is on hiatus for no good reason
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    Assassin's Creed Season Pass Features Female Protagonist in China

    God damn, why isn't this the main game? I've been wanting a game set in China since I beat AC1 and saw the marks on the ground. Oh well, at least we're getting one now. Female protagonist is a cool bonus, too.
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    Poll: do you think smoking is attractive?

    I find chain smokers disgusting, but don't mind someone who smokes once or twice a day at all.
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    Two words

    Litter bug.
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    Two words

    News channel.