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    Jimquisition: Damn Fine Coffee

    The most ironic thing about this problem is that market research almost prevented Modern Warfare 1 from happening. If it wasn't for Infinity Ward practically begging Activision to give them a chance the generic modern military shooter wouldn't exist in the first place...
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    Why do people reject evolution?

    The reason why evolution, the big bang, etc are theories is because we never can be 100% certain they actually happened. What science can do however is prove a theory WRONG. This is evolution's strong point. For 150 years this theory has been analysed, scrutinized and torn apart, yet right...
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    Jimquisition: Fake Nerd Girls

    I think the problem is not so much with guys hating the hot girls, it's more to with that people hate being led on. (not just gamers, I'm talking about everyone). Every time I see a booth babe or an attractive women in a game advert I can't help but think of a board of advertising executives...
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    Jimquisition: Why the Wii U May Have Already "Won" Next-gen

    I honestly have no idea how the Wii U will do. It doesn't help that IMHO this is first new generation that nobody really wants(not even Sony or Microsoft). Games are already too expensive, we've all seen how spiraling development costs have bled creativity out of game development and more...
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    Mass Effect 3 Launch Trailer Redefines "Epic"

    I've pre ordered my copy although i haven't got the collectors edition. I don't want anyone ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL over my game.
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    PETA: Mario is Pro Fur

    Are they actually idiotic enough to think that children take what they learn in super Mario and act it out in real life? On a completely unrelated note I'm off to take some mushrooms, dive into a sewer and throw fireballs at lizards.
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    what happened to doctors?

    To any Americans who think a privatized system gives better care (to those who can afford it) answer me this. What makes more money? Curing a disease or making someone pay for drugs for the rest of their life?
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    LucasFilms Confirms adding "NOOOOOO!" to Return of the Jedi

    It's obvious what happened. At some point between the original trilogy and the prequels, George Lucas got corrupted by the dark side and went from being the savior of sci fi to a corrupt bastard intent on destroying his own universe and bringing misery to millions. Ironic when you think about it.
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    Gizmodo blogger goes all "mean girl" on MtG world champ and the internet EXPLODES WITH RAGE

    I don't know what's more stupid. The fact that she instantly judged a guy for being a "nerd" or that she posted this horror story on a TECHNOLOGY AND GADGET WEBSITE. That's as idiotic as the Westboro baptist church turning up at a gay pride rally and expecting everyone to agree with them...
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    The misinterpretation of evolution

    I always find it highly ironic that creationists demand proof of Evolution. Oh and anyone who says humans were Intelligently designed needs to look in the mirror. Why are the optic nerves in my eye in front of the photo receptors? Why do i have hairs on my arm when they're not thick enough to...
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    "Horric" Videogames being blamed for UK riots by Supernanny Jo Frost

    How do you explain the 1985 Brixton riots? were the "scenes of carnage" in Space Invaders to blame?
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    Daily Mail Puts Two and Two Together, Gets Gay Spider-Man

    Yes it is (under famous stories about halfway down the page.)
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    Daily Mail Puts Two and Two Together, Gets Gay Spider-Man

    It's the daily mail. Their view on homosexuality can be summed in the 1993 headline "Abortion hope after 'gay genes' finding".
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    Quick! Bully him, he's smart!

    It doesn't help that teenage culture is based around doing the opposite of what society wants you to do. Despite being bombarded by leaflets, programmes, outside speakers etc about the dangers of smoking, alcohol, underage/unprotected sex, drugs and even eating too much junk food teenagers still...
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    Apple is now richer than America

    They could buy the US government. New from apple. The iGovernment. The iGovernment aims to improve and simplify the governing experience by removing voting altogether. Instead of having to chose between 2 different parties you will get 1 government with yearly updates. But don't worry...