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    Zero Punctuation: Exclusives Showdown

    The PC is pretty much as bad as consoles for spewing up rehashed garbage and possibly even worse for sequels. I'd consider myself to be PC master race if that meant more than "I have a laptop that can play indie games" which is decidedly less sexy seeing as that's most people.
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    Complacency in Storytelling

    I don't really agree with the tutorial business. I think at this point it's pretty fair to assume the players know the basics and to allow the game design to teach you how to play. A list of controls in the menu is plenty for any game that isn't particularly complex. And keep in mind these games...
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    Zero Punctuation: Call of Duty: Ghosts

    Is the whole of the audiobook read as a shitty version of the Chris Morris show?
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    Zero Punctuation: Beyond: Two Souls

    I'm really put off by Ellen Page being in this game the way she is. I don't mind her in films and I wouldn't care about a voice over but just putting a celebrity in like this just strikes me as creepy and kinda egotistical. LA Noire did something similar but the character was still clearly Cole...
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    GTAV's Characters Are Just Bad

    I think Yahtzee criticism's kind of smack of finding a criticism to justify an opinion he already has. He writes about how the characters motivations are hard to follow and they switch between personalities and he can't see much change but you could characterise a lot of stories like that and...
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    Zero Punctuation: Grand Theft Auto 5

    Over time as I've gotten immune to Yahtzee's shtick (or either he has just gotten less funny) it has left me wondering whether he is actually reviewing things or whether he is reviewing things as this character Yahtzee would review them. This was a particularly poor review and I actually...
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    Poll: (Another) feminism discussion

    There aren't large amounts of women saying this. There is a vocal minority who get lots of attention. Most women I know still think videogames are for children and they wouldn't even consider looking at one much less care that they aren't being represented in them.
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    Poll: (Another) feminism discussion

    I tend to see it this way. Videogames do not shape our perceptions of women. Women, ones with flesh and blood and boobs that is, form our perception of women. Any sexist ideas I hold (and there are a few) come from my interactions with real women not from playing Tomb Raider. Bayonetta has about...
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    When Open World Goes Wrong

    I've often wondered why GTA didn't make more of its missions open world. So you realise you have to rob a bank so you organise the whole thing and then hit up the bank. I guess it would be difficult to script any dialogue or sequences that way though.
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    Killing is Too Easy

    "When a character kills like it's goin' out of style, do not ask me to sympathize when they themselves - or someone close to them - is being threatened with death. 'Cos that just makes them hypocrites. They're saying "This is the only death anyone should care about because this one adversely...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Last of Us

    I think the reason the comments are mostly negative is because it wasn't a good summary of the game and a lot of them like me assumed he would talk about the story. He has talked a lot about silent protagonists, just using crappy exposition to tell stories, using idle chatter to build...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Last of Us

    That isn't the central message of the game at all. The central message is about how good people are. The Last of Us is about the few last good people. In the end when Joel saves Ellie he thinks he is saving humanity by saving the last good thing in the world.
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    Zero Punctuation: The Last of Us

    I've no idea why you think this. Zombies are the LIVING DEAD. The Infected are not zombies and in real life I would not connect the two because I think of zombies as monsters from horror films that eat human flesh and come back from the dead. I do not think zombies are sick people.
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    Zero Punctuation: The Last of Us

    What difference does it make whether it is a review or not? Were the points he was making meant to be a parody of a review or something? That's about the only way in which we shouldn't take them seriously.
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    Zero Punctuation: The Last of Us

    No that is the primary meaning of the word "chimera" although it is used in other context. I'm not sure what your point is with that anyway. Zombies have connotations of witchcraft and magic in our modern meaning of the word. People would not start calling sick people "Zombies" unless they were...