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    First game you remember playing?

    It was either Duck Hunt or Top Gun for the NES.
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    The Wheel of Time

    It seems like I dodged a bullet by never reading the series.
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    Trailer for My Little Pony a New Generation

    I'm not a fan of My Little Pony but I have to say that the 3D CGI style is not a good look for MLP, I don't know why Netflix is so fond of it. And it seems very wrong that My Little Pony and Ghost in the Shell look like they could be in the same universe.
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    Discuss and Rate the Last Film You Watched

    I feel like Kevin Smith was a product of the nineties and should have stayed there. Much like Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler comedy movies.
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    Movie, TV, Web Series, and Music Hot Take(s).

    Out of curiosity, which movies have shown him putting emotion into his scenes?
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    Space Jam: A New Legacy

    I can understand the first one having a Pulp Fiction reference as a little nod to adults watching with their kids due to there being a, at most, two year difference in release dates and how big a hit Pulp Fiction was. I could even understand a subtle reference to Fury Road. But taking actual...
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    Movie, TV, Web Series, and Music Hot Take(s).

    I was never that invested (no pun intended) in the MCU, so maybe I missed something, but I didn’t realize Black Widow’s vest was anything important. I just assumed she picked it up at the spy store/armory with the rest of her gear. And didn’t Solo give backstory into how Han got his blaster? I...
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    Movie, TV, Web Series, and Music Hot Take(s).

    The current trend of having every detail of a character and their backstory explained on camera is actively harming the artistry/magic of movies and TV. Not all questions need to be answered and we don't need to know how Awesome McCoolguy got his Amazing Spacemetal Death-Killing gun/sword.
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    Stuff You've Changed Your Mind On

    And I feel like one ‘worked’ simply because it was in the MCU and fans don’t criticize the MCU.
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    Stuff You've Changed Your Mind On

    To me “He killed my mom” was everything BVS’s “Martha” scene was accused of being. It felt tacked on, out of place and had no real weight behind it, like it belonged in a shitty daytime soap opera on an Emmy grab episode.
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    Stuff You've Changed Your Mind On

    What made that scene so sad for you? Throughout the MCU I don't recall Tony being all that hung up on his mother or her death. Tony was clearly had daddy issues so I could understand him being pissed that the Winter Soldier killed Howard, but I'm pretty sure Tony's mother was barely mentioned...
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    Discuss and Rate the Last Film You Watched

    What’s funny is they didn’t even plan on stowing away. That was just an accident/bad luck.
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    Far Cry 6 news

    Hopefully 6 eases up on the forced "Oh no! I've been captured and had all of my weapons taken from me!" segments. I hated every single one of those across 3, 4 and 5. I am happy to see that knife takedowns are apparently back. The ones in 5 were way too tame.
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    Any thoughts on that live action Powerpuff Girls T.V. show?

    Having only just now learned about its existence and not watched all that many episodes of the original (and none of the reboot/revival) I can say that I think it is a catastrophically bad idea. One only slightly better than a land invasion of Russia in the middle of winter wearing gear suitable...