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    What are/were your parents' occupations?

    Mom's a library clerk and my dad is a trucker (or "long-distance driver"). In case those don't sound like they go together, well, they didn't.
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    Poll: Whats your favorite "adult" cartoon?

    Futurama and Venture Bros. Why is Venture Bros not an option? Ah well, I like Futurama better, anyway.
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    Poll: Do you hate Apple, but still own an Apple product?

    Yup, I've got an iPod but I'm not the hugest fan of Apple. I don't HATE them, I just usually don't like their products as much as others.... except for the iPod, it actually works quite well.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Fit to Print

    Man, he would be an intense boss to work for. And it looked like that hit to the head was real.
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    Grandma, age 72, to have a baby with her grandson.

    I feel really sorry for that kid, especially once it realizes that its mom is also its great-grandmother and its dad is also its nephew. I'm glad that it's not true biologically, but it's still going to be weird for that kid.
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    Borderlands 2: Ideas?

    More variety in regards to enemies, quests, and environments (I know Pandora is a desert planet, but brown and gray get old after a while). More customization wouldn't hurt. I enjoyed it even without a story, but I think an interesting plot would definitely enhance the game. And a better ending...
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    - Sci-Fi Factions -

    To me, the beauty of sci-fi is that it doesn't have to be entirely possible. So long as the story is well written, interesting, and has characters I can identify with, I don't really mind whether or not everything portrayed seems plausible. I think that's fairly true of most people. For...
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    - Sci-Fi Factions -

    I enjoy both for different reasons. I like the former for escaping from this world and delving purely into imagination, and I like the latter for considering what the future could hold for the real world, or seeing what this world could have been like if historical events had gone differently...
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    Dating Older Women?

    Many women who are about to hit 30 go through an age crisis and start looking for younger men to make them feel young again. I'm not saying she's doing that since I don't know her, but just be aware that it happens. Aside from that, if there are real feelings between the two of you, who cares...
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    Women: Do you find facial hair attractive on guys?

    Not only is it a matter of personal preference, but it also depends on the guy and the style. Some look good with it, some don't. It's sort of like asking guys if they prefer girls with long hair or short hair. There will always be mixed answers.
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    BioWare Explains Why There's No Homosexuality in Mass Effect 2

    I find it odd that it did fit their vision for the first Mass Effect but not the second. It just doesn't add up. I would believe that it's because they were afraid it would hurt sales more than anything, but it didn't seem to dissuade most people from ME1 or Dragon Age so it still doesn't quite...
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    Why do Americans write their dates down backwards?

    We just do? Though I think this is the best answer/question.
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    Is America a mainly Conservative Country?

    I think we're fairly even between conservative and liberal, at least according to our own definitions of each. Also (in response to the OP's assertion that more of America's presidents have been conservative), the American definitions of conservatism and liberalism...
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    Poll: Do you have a girlfriend?

    Sometimes I think life would be easier if I were a lesbian, but I somehow don't think that's what the OP was going for.
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    How long have you stayed awake?

    About four days when I was moving out of state, so around 96 hours? I was incredibly out of it, I could be wrong. The second longest was 36 hours when I helped my uncle move out of state. That involved moving boxes into and then driving a U-haul, and I don't suggest trying it.