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    Type-0 HD & MGS V The Phantom Pain at 25% Off

    Does anyone know if I get the pre-order bonuses buying MGS 5 this way too?
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    Dragon Ball: Super Debuts - First Dragon Ball Anime in 18 Years

    I hated "battle of the gods", but while I was watching the opening it really dawned on me, "I'm watching a true DBZ sequel!". It's a strange feeling to describe after all these years. (Also, this episode keeps furthering the school of thought of Goku being a terrible father and husband)
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    Remake Retake

    This kind of reminds me of the Titanfall strip.
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    I have a feeling this comic will make the rounds
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    These Incredible Storms on Uranus Are Baffling Scientists

    Uranus headers will never not be funny
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    X-Men 92 Could Revive Classic Cartoon in Comic Form

    I was surprised about not seeing jean grey in the cover but then again, she probably passed out trying to use her powers while she was posing or something.
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    Why Were Shadow of Mordor and Alien Isolation So Good?

    This has got to be the most unfocused rant Yahtzee has ever indulged in.
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    EA: "If The Sims 4 Isn't Successful, There Won't be a Sims 5"

    There is a "Beyond Good and Evil 2" joke here somewhere....
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    The Marvelous 90s in Marvel Cartoons

    I really recommend people check out Comics alliance review of the entire X-MEN cartoon. It's mostly humorous and I found some parts to be laugh out loud funny. Here is a link: EDIT: The spider-man cartoon was my first official...
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    From 3rd Street to Musical Hell - The Journey of Saints Row

    So the Saints are going after the devil now. Way to write yourselves into a corner guys...
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    Amazing Spider-Man 2 Alternate Ending Revives Dead Character

    All this ending needed was richard parker delivering a 2 hour exposition of everything we already knew and dropping dead by foxdie.
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    To Spoil or Not to Spoil

    People are incredibly overzealous with spoilers lately. This very website had an article about game of thrones recently that ended with threats of BANNING if some spoiler was so much as hinted at. Chill out people, it's just a tv show. And if shock is the only thing a show has going for it, then...
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    Science Discovers Method Of Turning Light Into Matter

    Man, Green Lantern is gonna go all hipster on us now...
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    NBA Team Logos Re-imagined With Pokemon Mascots

    1st gen always gets all the love :P
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    Superheroes That Should Be Games

    Well I guess you can replicate the Green Lantern and Superman experiences to some degree by playing Scribblenauts and the DBZ games... kinda...