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    Gearbox Confirms a New Brothers in Arms is In Development

    Can't wait to hear all the sick memes and the we-so-random characters.
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    Bioware GM Says Mass Effect: Andromeda is "Totally Softcore Space Porn"

    Using sex to sell their game? Reminds me of Randy making a subreddit for Battleborn porn and tweeting about it.
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    Starting a New Character in Nioh Could Cost You Your Old Save Game

    No idea why anyone would need to start a new character when they have an item that allows you to respec your character but to each their own.
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    Call of Duty is Going "Back to its Roots" For 2017

    If there was ever a phrase that makes me cautious of a game in development, it's "We're going back to our roots." It usually never ends well and a recent example of that is Dead Rising with it's not so Frank-Frank. Then again it's Call of Duty so it's not like it'll change much aside from what...
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    No New Game Modes for Rainbow Six Siege

    A friend who plays this game mentioned this to me earlier. My reply was that they can't charge for new modes or maps because of their new operating procedures of not wanting to split the community, so they won't waste time or money on new modes, but need new maps to keep the game fresh. On the...
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    Half-Life 3 Will Probably Never Happen, Says Valve Insider

    Is anyone surprised? It's widely known that Valve no longer makes games, but instead adds microtransactions to existing games. Hell if they ever made Left 4 Dead 3 I doubt anyone would be surprised when they revealed the crates to let you add hats and weapon skins for your characters.
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    The Classic

    You're not the only one. I'd stopped checking them out after the third one.
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    Battleborn Gets First DLC Story Operation and New Multiplayer Mode Today

    Are they legally obliged to produce the content because people paid for it? Any sane person would have jettisoned this failure and cut their loses. F2P won't save the game either, seeing as Paladins has soaked up all the players that won't buy or can't buy Overwatch.
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    Gearbox CEO: No Plans For Battleborn Free-to-Play

    I doubt going f2p would do jack shit for them at this point. We all know how going up against Overwatch went for them. Do they really think going f2p would do any good when Paladins already grabbed the remaining chunk of the market? Hopefully the captain goes down with the ship.
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    There's an Updated Resident Evil 7 Demo Coming Out Today

    I'll just wait for someone to do an lp of the game or if that doesn't happen read a wiki for the story highlights. Any word on how RE2 remake is doing?
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    Today is Your Last Chance to Save $10 on the Origins Edition of Overwatch

    After playing it on the free console weekend, I'll wait till it's $25 or so. The game as is isn't worth the $40 price tag to me.
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    Pokemon Sun And Moon's New Snorlax Z-Move is The Best Thing Ever

    Preorder now or wait for everything to be unlocked via action replay or similar software. Also was I the only one thinking that Snorlax just shoved that other pokemon up his ass as his finisher?
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    PlayStation Plus is Getting a Price Hike Next Month

    Only game I'm looking forward to is Nioh an I really can't say I care about its multiplayer aspects. Maybe I should just go renew my xbox live account so I can get my shit pushed in on Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike Online Edition.
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    The Upcoming Titanfall 2 Tech Test Won't Be Available on PC

    What I'm getting out of it is that the console will set the standard as to what you can expect. A console to pc port if you will.