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    Poll: What instrument do you play (or have played)

    First instrument was a tin whistle which is like a higher toned, smaller recorder, then recorder, then a couple of years of drums. These days learning guitar and turntablism. Finally found instruments I enjoy playing!!!
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    Jewish court sentences dog to death by stoning

    Its not going to help if you don't point people towards the right material and just belittle them online. The only thing that will do is shut them up, not allow them to learn something and grow through it.
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    Jewish court sentences dog to death by stoning

    Fair enough. I would love to get my hands on some original pre-Constantine writtings as that would be close to the original writings, more so than any king james or modern translated or "softened" print but I would still like some directions pointed. As then I can mend my "limited...
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    Jewish court sentences dog to death by stoning

    Where do the Jewish texts speak about reincarnation as punishment from god or as a system rebirth at all? Ravensheart18? Point it out, Text, Chapter, Verse, Line and I will happily eat Yahtzee's hat sir. One odes not have to believe to read or study Raven and the only places I've seen...
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    Jewish court sentences dog to death by stoning

    I love that the Jewish texts say differently yet their believing this. Its not that their text says nothing about reincarnation but that it says that it DOES NOT happen and that you either go to heaven or hell and that all go to "a place of waiting" for those who live before the coming of...
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    Daily Mail Voices Concern Over "Ultra-Violent" Modern Warfare 3

    Every work of fiction can have parallels drawn to real world events which makes such conclusions by the media fear mongering and stupid. I mean the famous seer, Whatsisface (Sorry the name really isn't coming to me) wrote a whole bunch of very abstract "prophecies" and when each follower of...
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    Poll: Space Marine, the game.

    Yes I bought it today after reviewing the trailers. After playing 40k models for about 6 years and playing the games since start of last year I've always gone "This would make a wicked first/third person shooter" and now my dream is a reality.
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    Poll: Prostitution should it be legal?

    I personal feel that if people look at the risks involved in any activity whether it be Joining the army, Taking drugs or prostitution and everything in between be it legal or not its their own, educated decision. I mean for christ's sake they are Intelligent adults and can make decisions for...
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    Poll: Mortality.

    mortal. There is no way I'm out living my friends. Why else would I smoke?
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    Do all women like jerks? No (a rant)

    In my experiences from my Failings and my successes girls are attracted to guys who have passion and confidence. I think they are the biggest things I have seen in common and I know I'm the same.
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    Poll: Game research: player violence in Black Ops? What are your experiences?

    Look sir. Its the same in most popular Multiplayer games now whether it be FPS games like Call of Duty and Counter Strike or RPGs like WOW and Rappelz. The biggest thing I've see that the gaming community, which used to be great and friendly every game you played has gone down hill as the...
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    Poll: Sexual Promiscuity- What's your take?

    I don't have a problem with it. It isn't my choice of living as I'm much more of a commitment person but As far as anyone else is concerned their adults (mostly) and they can take care of themselves.
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    IGN unusually harsh on Medal of Honor?

    The beard thing is because it was how "Teir 1" American soldiers infiltrated Iraq before the invasion began. The fact that they portray the "Black Ops" side of the war I thought was very cool but over all the game is a World war II medal of honor game built around the Iraq war. The story looks...
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    IGN unusually harsh on Medal of Honor?

    Medal of Honor multiplayer isn't very good. in my opinion. I played closed beta and there was no links of where to post feed back. Apart from the glitches that they fixed the weapons are all extremely powerful and the "killstreak" system is too easy to farm. I think that the single player may...
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    So, I guess my school is bad now...

    Is there something wrong with me? I didn't laugh till I read the word "horse" in that sentence.