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    Feed Dump: Mullet Bandit and the Blondes

    What.. the.. why do he have a cap from xe [] (logo seen at 01:24)? Random brand much?
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    LoadingReadyRun: It's Magic

    Heh, that's pretty much how magic (which, by the way is everywhere) works.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Conan's Witnesses

    Oh wow.. I saw the "crushing your enemies..."-part coming from miles away. Also, Wolfram|Alpha [*DPClash.MiscellaneousE.what%27s+best+in+life-_*WhatIsBestInLifeConan-] agrees.
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    Escapist News Network: Skate and Die!

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    Doomsday Arcade: Episode 25: Series Finale

    I hope you make more stuff. That was awesome. Duke Nukem, as late as ever.
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    Infinity Ward doesn't think Modern Warfare 2 can be beat

    Are those considered games? On the other hand, can MW2 be considered a game?
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    Infinity Ward doesn't think Modern Warfare 2 can be beat

    Nothing needs to come, because the game you're referring to is every single game ever made. Let's hope they don't come over and ruin the Battlefield-series. As to calling BFBC2 realistic.. well.. it is more realistic and hardcore than MW2 (and several other games), but not by far as realistic...
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    Zero Punctuation: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Well, BC2 is not MW2. BC2 is in my opinion. And the mortar scene. Why is he complaining about that one? I managed to get through that scene without dying once. Good job I must say. Try using the 10 m high walls properly next time.
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    Doomsday Arcade: Finale Preview

    We want mooooore! Seriously, I love this series - also, as mentioned earlier, yes, I'd also buy a DVD.
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    multiplayer or single player?

    Both. I like to have fun in both SP and MP. Some things more enjoyable in solitude whilst some are more suited for MP-action.
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    Poll: Poll: What's your favorite mecha type?

    Oh man, that brings back memories. I remember playing that game. A lot. Probably my favorite type of mech.
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    Zero Punctuation: Mass Effect 2

    I bet those who recommended Yahtzee EVE online regret it now. :P Fun to watch, as always.
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    Game for Girlfriend

    Portal, Peggle (Nights and Deluxe), Altitude for pew pew cute shootie MP-action, Audiosurf (if she likes music), Braid and Psychonauts. All of these can be acquired through Steam, I've played all of these and the biggest amount of violence you'll see is Raz beating up Psychic bears in...
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    Unskippable: Bullet Witch

    So many emotions involved in this game, "Witches don't need prayers...". bleh. How.. dramatic.
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    Are Hardcore PC Gamers Using Windows 7 Over Vista?

    I use Windows 7. Vista was a disaster. Someone once told me that approx. every 2nd Windows is bad. They were right (excluding 3.11 and 2000 since 2000~=NT++) Excluded: 3.xx/2.xx/1.01 Good: NT Bad: 95 Good: 98 Excluded: 2000 Bad: ME Good: XP Bad: Vista Good: 7 Turn it down a notch...