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    Wasteland 2 Features Music From Miracle of Sound - Update

    Well about feckin time!! Congratulations Gav! You really deserve it and hopefully this will lead to you being in more games down the line.
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    Sherlock Holmes' Partner Watson is 8 Years Old in New Ace Attorney

    Ya it is getting ridiculous, even for the ace attorney games.
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    What is your favorite RTS game ever?

    Well I guess I know what I'm gonna be playing again soon.
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    Guardians of the Galaxy Full Length Trailer Is Hilarious and Familiar

    Space Maklin you son of a *****. OT: Kinda looking forward to this.
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    Molyneux: Godus Is "Invest-To-Play," Not F2P

    I'll trust Molyneux. Just 'cos he needs someone to be on his side. He overhypes things but goddanm he tries so hard.
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    Organic Farming

    The worst thing is that, as far as I could tell, there is no compelling evidence to say that the meat from cows given hormones is any different than the organic kind. They all have hormones in them anyway and by the time they get to your plate there kinda the same. Although I'll admit that the...
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    Organic Farming

    It's true that it's flawed but so is the instance rate as it could be argued that the same percent of people have cancer but more are being diagnosed.
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    Organic Farming

    They can use pesticides but not ones made in a lab. So they end up using potentially more dangerous things on the crops.
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    Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: Glow Blue

    Did you change the colour of the title on the page from blue to black?
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    Pokemon Availability in Y

    Hey! Me too! X and Y really want me to have no money.
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    Games that were objectively terrible, but you loved anyway

    That game was awesome! Greats level design, cool weapons and drivers as well as a fairly competent AI. I loved that game.
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    Hover Brings The Nostalgia Back to Your Browser

    It's a .ie web address. Why is a .ie? Is it Irish?
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    Is it rude to ask someone how much they make?

    I think this might be relevant. He talks about loads of questions you should not ask if you're polite, and why! (David Mitchell is fantastic and Jim Sterling thanks god for him)
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    Man caught molesting bicycle

    Why did he slash the tires? All I can come up with he he didn't want it to get away...
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    Escape to the Movies: After Earth

    Context is important. One is a name of a guy in a game poking fun at bad 80's action movies. The other is a movie that takes itself seriously released in 2013. Cypher Raige might have worked if it was like his stage name but his real name was like Bob or something.