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    Blizzard Celebrates 20 Years of Diablo With Events Across All Games

    When I read the title I got really excited to see what Blizzard was doing . . . for the Diablo games. Doh.
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    Overwatch Christmas Comic Reveals First LGBT Character

    Don't be absurd. Pharah doesn't need a building, just grab, jet pack up, and drop them. It's far more efficient.
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    #162: Favorite Flavor

    Wait This is all happening in Erin's head, but she's been possessed by tyrannical crystals? Althea already went super saiyan, so I guess it's up to Rad.
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    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Requires 130 GB of Disk Space

    The campaign (which almost no one who buys these games even plays) finishes in 4 hours, the multiplayer grind is forever.
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    #152: Oh My Gosh

    I see you making unscheduled posts! You can't hide internet comic strips from me! In the words of Samuel L. Jackson, who the fuck is this asshole?
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    Creepy Summer Lesson PSVR Game Gets New Trailer, Details

    I'm just disappointed they didn't go anywhere interesting with it. C'mon, we have functioning VR for the first time, unprecedented technical achievements in graphical fidelity, and they chose a regular Japanese schoolgirl, living in regular Japan? Not even a catgirl? For shame
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    The Tao of Notch - Beyond Twitter

    Good, long interview. Read it through to the end and I'd love to see more. Nice work, Brad!
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    8 Celebrities We Would Like to Take Down in Hitman

    Hunt down Nicholas Cage as he acts out as characters from his other movies. The climax of his mission has you chasing him into his pyramid, which houses a secret underground bunker full of related film memorabilia.
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    The New Total War: Warhammer DLC Trailer Shows Off the Beastmen

    I'm thinking he's definitely a wizard that's using magic to get creatures to listen to and not kill him. Anyway, I just disagree with the price point for the beastmen, who I'm not a huge fan of anyway. I will get their campaign eventually, like the warriors of chaos, but it's going to take a...
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    Because everything he just listed is a pretty superficial characteristic. That person could be in Overwatch tomorrow and it wouldn't change the game one single bit.
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    I like how Not-SJW Man literally isn't even writing the comment, he's playing the sound clip of someone reciting it while he browses Mature porn exclusively through pop-up ads. I, for one, am totally on board with expanding female character diversity through milfs. Enough of these shrill and...
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    David Cage and Quantic Dream Return to E3 with Detroit: Become Human

    Don't worry, the Zaibatsu is paying Quantic Dream in exposure dollars.
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    I Choose You

    Nothing edgy about 20+ year old thrash/black metal. To me, edgy is the drawing of a skull on the cover of a twelve year old's trapper keeper, or a tattoo on someone that says "damaged".
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    I Choose You

    In the first panel it should have just been Shadow the Hedgehog