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    What Ruined the Star Wars Prequels? (If you didn't like them?)

    Except the movie came before the series, and the series assumed everybody knew who he was because they had seen the movie. He's sort of obnoxious so I'll admit to not paying too much attention to him, but I still have no idea what his backstory is.
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    What Ruined the Star Wars Prequels? (If you didn't like them?)

    Bad acting, bad writing, massively excessive CGI for the sake of massively excessive CGI. The plots, in general outline, could have made for worthy prequels, but what they needed was to be made with the same technology as the originals, actors that can act, and dialogue written by somebody...
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    Lets talk dubstep!

    As far as I can tell, the most prominent feature of dubstep - more than the drop, or samples, or even the wub wub wub - is that wherever and whenever it comes up, some dick feels the need to tell you how That's Not Real Dubstep and They Don't Make Good Dubstep Any More and You Kids Get Off My...
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    Mysterious planet-sized object spotted near mercury

    After many thousands of eyewitness reports, photos (grainy), and videos (grainy), not a single piece of evidence for the existence of UFOs has been presented which will hold up to basic scrutiny. If we do someday encounter aliens, I guarantee two things: That they will not have been the cause of...
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    Best Buy Doesn't Respect Their Customers

    The consumerist used to tag all their best buy stories "I've seen better buys, actually". Best buy has an absolutely abysmal track record when it comes to dealing with customers, and you should never buy anything from them, ever.
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    Why is everyone so down on Fallout 3?

    As somebody who's never played any of the fallout games, imma chip in here because there's a trend that exists. Whether or not something is good, when it becomes very popular it picks up a core of detractors who a) don't think it's all that great and b) are annoyed that everybody is shouting...
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    Poll: Should people wait until they're married to have sex?

    Marriage is a legal framework that controls inheritance, child custody, etc. and confers a variety of benefits on people who are married. Sex and religion have little or no bearing on marriage unless the participating parties bring them into it. The bible, being sadistic bronze-age mythology...
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    Poll: Does anyone even like mainstream music?

    As far as I can tell, mainstream music's target audience is people who don't know or care enough about music to have preferences.
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    Are Gamers in Danger of becoming victims to "The Matrix"?

    7.5 to 8 on the scale of 10. I'm basing this mostly on your writing style (incoherent, fractured grammar and structure, flight of ideas), and my consequent inability to figure out what your thesis here is -- usually a bad sign. By the way, the following things are not proper nouns: Gamers...
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    Can somebody please explain Why half-life is good

    Screw you, half life 1 is a great game. Sure the textures are a little dated, but even today it's totally playable, and a fairly excellent shooter. Oh, you're talking about half life 2 and left off the number. How quaint. *grumble* I don't really like to be this guy, but I actually sort...
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    World of Warcraft Subscriptions Continue to Slide

    If somebody actually said this, you need to not listen to them any more.
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    EVE Online Players Flip a Lid Over Virtual Clothing

    Thread now has OVER 9000 [] posts and no response from CCP. We've given up on them caring at all so the thread is mostly emo rage and ponies.
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    EVE Online Players Flip a Lid Over Virtual Clothing

    For serious though, the monocle thing may be ridiculous but it's not the reason for the protests. We're angry because: a) OVER 9000 (maybe even literally) players have asked if CCP will be introducing non-vanity items. CCP has not replied, so we have high confidence that they intend to do...
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    Do You Pay Attention to Post Counts?

    Having a high post count says that a person probably knows how to avoid moderator wrath, but little else. Having a low post count says nothing about a person. Someone being new here, or posting rarely, is no indication that their opinions are invalid; and having a high post count is no proof...
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    Anonymous hacks Iran government, leaks 10,000 emails

    In what way is anon allied with the US? Do you even remember the diplomatic cable leak? If iran was going to get pissy about being hacked they would have done it when their nuclear facility was sabotaged, not because of somebody's email. Anon have been involved in the arab spring since...