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    Poll: When did you start to call yourself a gamer?

    I never have. Even during university and school when I had more time to play video games than I do now I never called myself a gamer.
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    Target Aus Pulls GTA V From Shelves, For Its "Violence Against Women" - Update

    Does anyone actually interact with the prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto? Why are they there in the first place? These days I swear that Rockstar are just trying to garner the type of notoriety that games like Manhunt et al used to have back in the day. If they removed sex workers from the...
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    Target Australia will no longer stock GTA5

    Fair enough mate, thanks for clarifying.
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    Target Australia will no longer stock GTA5

    The category is 'Private organisations.' Ilovechocolatemilk was complaining that 'SJWs' were pressuring private organistations into doing their will, I simply pointed out that games journalists and games creators both belong to private organisations, and gamergaters famously launched an...
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    Target Australia will no longer stock GTA5

    Gamergate was responsible for 'Operation disrespectful Nod' which pressured advertisers into pulling adverts from games sites which had written content they disagreed with.
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    Target Australia will no longer stock GTA5

    I've been wishing Rockstar would remove the prostitutes from Grand Theft Auto for years. There's no point to them apart from to either shag or kill them. Why put them in the game in the first place? Hopefully this will convince Rockstar to leave them out of further games.
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    fun difficult games

    I'm playing Dark Souls at the moment, and it's hard, but it doesn't seem half as difficult to me as Fifa 15. Trying to play on anything above world class mode seems nigh on impossible for me, and don't even get me started on ultimate team. Though, I suppose Ultimate Team would be roughly...
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    Poll: Is Not Dating a Certain Race Racist?

    Just realised there's a good chance you were taking the piss and I missed that. Oops.
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    Poll: Is Not Dating a Certain Race Racist?

    Can't see how that's even vaguely similar, unless you think hetrosexual means 'a person who only dates white people.' That's be an interesting sexual identity. Caucasianosexual?
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    GTA V: I am slowly liking Trevor more and more

    When I read some of the reviews (Including the Escapist one), I honestly wondered if I?d be able to stomach this game, mainly because of Trevor and other plot things explained in the review. But, honestly, Trevor's one of my favourite characters in a game in a fair while. He reminds me of...
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    Show me more proof. (Boston bombings)

    Oh yeah, Heather Brooke was involved in the original FOI requests (along with Jon Ungoed-Thomas and The Sunday Telegraph's Ben Leapman), but it was The Telegraph that first obtained the leaked expenses documents detailing MPs' second home claims. I don't agree with a lot of what gets written...
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    Show me more proof. (Boston bombings)

    Actually it was The Daily Telegraph that uncovered the expenses scandal.
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    Poll: Would you buy a console without ability to sell used games?

    I can justify spending forty pound on the odd game or two that I know I'm going to play to death, but it's too high for the rest. Fifteen to twenty pounds would be the highest I'd pay for something I wasn't sure I'd enjoy. Shame, because I've got into quite a few games that way, but there...
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    Quick a Protagonist is Coming act like a NPC

    Roberto Larcos!
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    Black Thor Actor Talks About Racist Comic Book Fans

    For hundreds of years, Jesus, a man who was born in Palestine, has been portrayed as a white skinned man. Nobody cared. I don't see how this is any different, apart from the fact that Jesus' portrayal as this is treated as historically accurate by some, while nobody is going to walk away...