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    Fellow members of the PC master race! Mice recommendations?

    Don't bother with anything wireless, it's a waste of time. Razer mice are extremely overpriced for what you get. Get a Logitech mouse. Either a G400 or a G500. I have the G9x and the G5 and they've served me well all of these years. It's all down to how accurate you want the movement to be on...
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    Poll: Your favourite chocolate company (of these 6 listed)

    Lindt, and then Cadbury, Nestlé a distant third and then screw the rest. Thorntons would have been first if it was on that list. The American chocolates all taste pretty poor, except for stuff like Mars'. But most of their chocolates were invented over here, so it hardly counts as American...
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    Far Cry 3 and The Rape of Jason Brody

    Whether or not that's rape is debatable. But one of his friends was undoubtedly the subject of gay rape in the game, and that's been brought up and criticised plenty of times.
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    Poll: MLP Has Jumped the Shark

    You are all critiquing a TV show made for little girls, to sell toys. I don't think little girls and the parents that watch it with them have very high standards. And get your terminology right. This isn't what 'jumping the shark' means.
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    So... this Steambox thing...

    The idea of a Steam box has a hell of a lot of potential. I'm not sure Valve will be able to nail something like that, but it's something that could be a really good idea to close the final few gaps that make console gamers afraid of the PC. And if the do manage to get it right then it might...
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    Poll: Let us remember The Banned...

    Of course not. As my friends fall, my power just becomes stronger. Soon I shall be all-powerful. And I'll absorb all of their hate too so I'll have turned into a proper bellend.
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    Leave me alone PC gamers!

    Hey guys several PC gamers out of millions have said something slightly irritating to me, now let's all spend 15 pages of posts moaning about PC gamers. That's in no way going to undermine any point someone may have started with.
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    Poll: Fellow Oldscapists!

    I feel obligated to post in this thread. I don't really like these kinds of threads, the 'oldscapist' attitude can get a bit grating.
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    Poll: Rate your Intelligence! (UPDATED: NOW WITH I.Q. TEST TO PROVE YOUR BRAVDO!)

    These threads are really, truly awful. Please stop making them, they just attract far too many pretentious gits. I answered 'above average' because my grades at school are above the average grade, but I chose that very reluctantly. I don't consider myself all that clever, and choosing that...
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    Poll: Apparently the Escapist is drowning.

    Man, that's brilliant. Oh, you guys.
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    Steam Expands Library to Non-Game Software

    This seems like a silly idea, but whatever. Super sale on Adobe Creative Suite! 80% off! Only £1000!
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    Feed Dump: Cons, Moms, Bones & Waffles

    Oh yeah. I obviously wasn't paying very much attention to that calculation.
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    Feed Dump: Cons, Moms, Bones & Waffles

    3 days of work takes off 1 day, and the shifts of three days add up to a whole day of work. So if you did it every day you were in jail, you would half your sentence.
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    Penny Arcade starts a Kickstarter for no good reason

    Wait, let me go copy all of my angry tweets. Can't be arsed to rewrite it all or make it any less disjointed. Penny Arcade are such bitter, cynical twats. They must have earnt a small fortune by now, and now they're holding parts of their website at ransom for people to give them money. Not...
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    Human Element to Use Real-World Resource Gathering

    You honestly need to read what you wrote again, because the first part is nonsense and the second part is ridiculous in the context of a game. And you're not on 4Chan, by the way; you don't need to use angle brackets and say 'wut'. This mechanic would make the game trivially easy if you live...