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    The Second Escapist Community?s Top 100 Games [Voting Closed]

    Company of Heroes Bioshock Splinter Cell Conviction Star Wars: Republic Commando Saints Row 2 Derp. Yep, that'll do it.
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    Poll: Do you like Halo?

    I like Halo.
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    If you were a grunt in any army...

    Ooorah. Not hoorah, ooorah.
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    Most badass characters?

    oh jesus... So many choices. Marcus Fenix. Or any Call of Duty protagonist. RAMIREZ! STOP THE ENTIRE INVASION BY YOURSELF!
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    Poll: Makes You Happy?
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    Poll: Girlfriends: Are they worth the effort?

    every single one I've experienced have brought nothing but trouble in the end. No matter how happy you think you are, it is NEVER worth it.
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    Poll: *sigh* Why do school systems suck so much ass?

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    Oh No! You're Going to be Executed! What is your Last Request?

    be able to kill anyone I desire. That means you, Alfonso Roberto.
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    If you were a billionaire...

    retire at 16 years old, buy guns and castles, hire my own personal platoon of mercenaries, horde food, water, gasoline, and other "essentials", and wait for society to collapse whilst enjoying my giraffe zoo and petting my 19 cats... Also buy a good gaming computer, and every video game that...
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    What music do you want played at your funeral?

    Yakety Sax and Stand Your Ground by Boots Randolph and Rancid respectively.
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    Poll: Modern Warfare 3?

    Of course there will be. The series is getting worse and something has to finish it off...
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    Poll: do you like punk-rock?

    Rancid. Got to love Rancid. You need to put "UP THE PUNX" in the poll. but yeah, I like punk rock. Punk and Ska. Big D or Reel Big Fish.
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    Poll: do you like punk-rock?

    none of those bands are punk. Some used to be though.
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    Poll: Military Jargon in Games

    I find it interesting. It generally adds to the mood in MOST games. "OSCAR MIKE!" "WE'RE OSCAR MIKE!" god...that pissed me off soooooooo much. It brought a whole new generation of kids who think they know about the Armed Forces because they played Call of Duty.
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    2012 will be a dangerous year

    mass suicides would be kind of good. the less people who put their lives in ridiculous doomsday theories, the better.